How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 24 2015

'Ain't gonna happen' NOSOAP
'Coffee, ___ Me?' TEAOR
'Dig in!' EAT
'Et voilà!' HEREITIS
'Hmm, gotcha' OHOK
'Kind of' ending ISH
'Not only that ...' ALSO
'O, never say that I was false of heart ...,' e.g SONNET
'Pretty Maids All in ___' AROW
'Someone Like You' singer, 2011 ADELE
'Ta-ta' IMOFF
'That's a ___' NONO
'The Night Circus' author Morgenstern ERIN
'This looks bad' UHOH
'Um, pardon ...' AHEM
'Walk ___' (1964 hit) ONBY
'___-haw!' YEE
1988 Bon Jovi hit [India; 6] BORNTOBEMYBABY
1990s Indian P.M RAO
1996 Geena Davis thriller [China; 4,4] THELONGKISSGOODNIGHT
A neighbor GSHARP
A.I. woman in 2015's 'Ex Machina' AVA
Act the rat GNAW
All at the start? OMNI
Alternative to metal EMO
Ambulance destinations, for short ERS
Anatomical sac CYST
As an example FORONE
Asseverate VOW
Barber's supply GEL
Baritone in 'The Mikado' KOKO
Benjamin CSPOT
Blue shade AQUA
Book before Esth NEH
Breeding ground STUDFARM
Brooklyn Heights school [U.S.; 3,9] SAINTFRANCISCOLLEGE
Captain's spot HELM
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Company with a fleet UHAUL
Competitor of Petro-Canada ESSO
Cookie holder TIN
Countermanded OVERRODE
Cousins KIN
Deg. from Columbia MBA
Do a body scan? OGLE
Dodge Aries, e.g KCAR
Dr. of hip-hop DRE
Dress (up) TOG
Dyspepsia reliever TUMS
Eager, informally RARIN
En route, as a tanker ATSEA
Event often in a front yard TAGSALE
Eventually became GREWINTO
Exactly JUST
Firehouse catching fire, e.g IRONY
Form a coalition ALLY
Former Jets coach Ewbank WEEB
Fulda tributary EDER
Gets broadcast ISON
Goddess in 'The Tempest' IRIS
Goes for the gold? PANS
Grasps KENS
Half of a Senate vote NAYS
Heart CORE
Holes in Swiss cheese EYES
Home of the Big 12's Cyclones AMES
Host of the first World Cup, 1930: Abbr URU
Imminent NIGH
It's folded before a meal TACO
Jack's partner COKE
Jokesters WAGS
Kind of adapter ACDC
Kyrgyz province OSH
Laura who wrote and sang 'Wedding Bell Blues' NYRO
Like some missed pitches WIDE
Like the roots of democracy ATHENIAN
Local theater, slangily NABE
Long-running event? MARATHON
Longfellow bell town ATRI
Lyric poem EPODE
Magazine mogul, familiarly HEF
Mario's brother, in gaming LUIGI
McGregor of 'Big Fish' EWAN
Meanie OGRE
Mens ___ (legal term) REA
Michael of 'Reservoir Dogs' MADSEN
Military trial for a misdemeanor [India; 8] SPECIALCOURTMARTIAL
Mitchell heroine OHARA
Mountain ___ (soft drinks) DEWS
Much-anticipated nights out HOTDATES
Needle holder ETUI
Not quite right WONKY
Obama vis-à-vis Columbia ALUM
Often-illegal turns, informally UEYS
Old game console inits NES
Once, old-style ERST
One following an order FRIAR
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
One who's behind Lagger
One with a stiff upper lip? EWER
One-liner, e.g JOKE
Ones in an annual hunt EGGS
Ones pressed into service in the kitchen? [Egypt; 4] LEMONSQUEEZERS
Others, in Oaxaca OTRAS
Overdo it at dinner GORGE
Overflow seating area AISLE
Passage between buildings AREAWAY
PBS craft show for 21 seasons [U.S.; 3,4] THENEWYANKEEWORKSHOP
Personnel list ROTA
Pilots FLIES
Plantation machines GINS
Pond or sand trap HAZARD
Pope's vestment FANON
Popular party feature OPENBAR
Power play result, often GOAL
Prefix with watt TERA
Proofer's mark STET
Rabble MOB
Rainbow color INDIGO
Red Rock dweller OTOE
Relative of a kite ERN
Routine response? JEER
Sci-fi narcotic TEK
Secretariat's org THEUN
See 1-Down VERNE
Send off EXUDE
Send off RADIATE
Shipmate of Spock UHURA
Singer ___ Rose AXL
Small force DYNE
Solomonic WISE
Some spicy cuisine THAI
Speed-skating champion Kramer SVEN
Spitball, e.g WAD
Spooky sounds MOANS
Stable bagful OATS
Stream CREEK
Stuck in a mess? ONKP
Stupefy AWE
Stupefy STUN
Suffix with stink EROO
Sugar suffixes OSES
Tavern menu heading ALES
The sun's '10th planet,' once ERIS
They're blown at some weddings BAGPIPES
Travelers at the speed of light RAYS
Trunk part HASP
Two-masted craft YAWL
Ulan-___ (capital of a Russian republic) UDE
Used a pouffe SAT
Vehicle with a folding top SHAY
Verdi's '___ tu' ERI
Warrior in the 'Discworld' fantasy books ORC
Was bankrupt, say OWED
What chemists find attractive? ANIONS
Win at auction, say NAB
Window shopper's cry OOH
Witchy woman HAG
With 141-Down, author whose work is the basis of this puzzle's theme JULES
Wolfe of mystery NERO
Words said with a sigh AHME
Yahoo! alternative MSN
Yamaha Grizzly, e.g., for short ATV
Yank TUG
___ chi ch'uan TAI
___ colada PINA
___ Paradise of 'On the Road' SAL
___ Tate, onetime English poet laureate NAHUM
___-Cat SNO
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