How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 20 2014

'A Death in the Family' novelist AGEE
'As You Like It' forest ARDEN
'MMMBop' band HANSON
'Naughty, naughty!' TSK
'Nifty!' NEATO
'Parks and Recreation' woman DONNA
'The devil ___ the details' ISIN
'___ Blind' (Hootie & the Blowfish hit) IGO
1933 Physics Nobelist Schrödinger ERWIN
50 minutes past the hour TENTO
Alternative to a spinner in a board game DIE
Amo, ___, amat .. AMAS
Avec's opposite SANS
Beef cuts named for a New York restaurateur DELMONICOSTEAKS
Blue-turfed home for Boise State football BRONCOSTADIUM
Buck's mate DOE
Cap'n's underling BOSN
Cargo measures TONS
Cassino cash, once LIRE
Church council SYNOD
Close SHUT
Cooling, as champagne ONICE
Corn cake PONE
Country music's Twain SHANIA
Former fort on Monterey Bay ORD
Hardy heroine TESS
Illinois home of Caterpillar PEORIA
Informal eateries with Mexican fare TACOSTANDS
Inits. in a military address APO
King Kong, for one APE
London's ___ Gardens KEW
Make giggle AMUSE
Meat stamp USDA
Meat-and-potatoes dish HASH
Medium deck? TAROT
Minor melee DUSTUP
Montreal Canadien, familiarly HAB
Napped noisily SNORED
Network co-founded by Oprah Winfrey OXYGEN
Oh./Ill. separator IND
Ontario's second-largest city OTTAWA
Opposite of away ATHOME
Part of a soft hand in blackjack ACE
Percent add-on? ILE
Peter of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' BOYLE
Plains tribe OTOE
Plated, in a way TINNED
Platypus feature DUCKBILL
Puts on the payroll HIRES
Rackful in a closet TIES
Ruler who rules by force DESPOT
Sal of 'Giant' MINEO
Saw to a seat, informally USHED
Service site with a star TEXACOSTATION
Ship in the search for the Golden Fleece ARGO
Short playerwise, as in hockey AMANDOWN
Sicilian rumbler ETNA
Sp. lady SRA
That, to Tomás ESO
The 'A' of N.A. or S.A.: Abbr AMER
The Big Easy NOLA
The Rolling Stones' 'Get ___ Ya-Ya's Out!' YER
These: Fr CES
They rise and fall periodically TIDES
Thrown for ___ ALOSS
Times up ATBATS
Unexpected expense ... or a feature of 17-, 23-, 35- and 49-Across? HIDDENCOST
Unit often preceded by kilo- WATT
Univ. V.I.P BMOC
Unwrinkler IRON
Walked into the shallow end of a pool WADED
Wanders ROAMS
White, as vin BLANC
___ contendere NOLO
___-Magnon man CRO
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