How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 19 2002

'Iliad: The Movie'? TROYSTORY
'Let's just leave ___ that' ITAT
'The Psychedelic Reader' collaborator LEARY
'The Right Stuff' role GLENN
'What are you, some kind of ___?' ANUT
1970's singer ___ Dee KIKI
Actress Lena OLIN
African herd GNUS
Animal group suffix ZOA
Answer to 'Who, me?' YESYOU
Answer to a señor SISI
Arch type OGEE
As recently as ONLY
Assay TRY
Ballets de Paris member DANSEUSE
Bazaar units SHOPS
Bites a little NIPSAT
Blockbuster business RENTALS
Breast ___ EXAM
Bruckner's last symphony NINTH
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
Bump off DOIN
Campus group in its typical state? SATURATEDFRAT
Castle part KEEP
Charlie Chaplin's cane, e.g. PROP
Chewing gum base CHICLE
Colorful Apple IMAC
Computer users TYPERS
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Cries of surprise OHOS
Deceitful doings FAKERY
Degree in music STEP
Department store department MENS
Difficulty with Z's? INSOMNIA
Drunkenly TIPSILY
Ends of some games, for short OTS
Est. and Lat., once SSRS
Evening hour TEN
F equivalent ESHARP
Fall asleep at the poker table? CRASHINONESCHIPS
First name in cosmetics MERLE
Fissure RIFT
Fix firmly IMBED
Flexible choice ANY
Fraternal org. BPOE
French possessive ATOI
Garrison, Spanish-style PRESIDIO
German opera part ARIE
German sub UBOAT
Get carried away? RIDE
Goes off DEPARTS
Grammy-winning King CAROLE
Grp. that spawned the Weathermen SDS
Gut-level VISCERAL
Harder or softer, depending STALER
High land NEPAL
Hot ___ oven ASAN
Hull part KEEL
I.R.A. part: Abbr. ACCT
Immunologists' samples SERA
Ipse ___ (unproved statement) DIXIT
It's a laugh HAHA
It's a racket CROSSE
It's usually blue or brown IRIS
Italian resort lake COMO
Joe Friday and others: Abbr. SGTS
Kilo- or mega- follower BYTE
Lapidarist's weight unit CARAT
Late news? OBITS
Lawless warrior XENA
Lifted TOOK
Like a televangelist's show? PRAYPERVIEW
Like Libya, largely ARID
Like some winds ALTO
Long cut GASH
Make out NECK
Makeup of an estate ASSETS
Managed GOTBY
Margaret Mitchell was one ATLANTAN
Mexican dictator Porfirio ___ DIAZ
Miscalculates ERRS
Mister Ed and Elsie the Cow? STARGRAZERS
More reliable SURER
Nabisco treat OREO
Native place HABITAT
Neb. neighbor SDAK
Nord department river YSER
North ___ SEA
Not put out SAFE
One of 22 cards TAROT
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Org. with a mission NASA
Orr teammate, familiarly ESPO
Out of ___ SORTS
Parade group? HITS
Part of a stairstep TREAD
Pear type BOSC
Peter, Paul and Mary: Abbr. STS
Popsicle on a hot day? DRIPSTICK
Prefix with nautical AERO
Question to a Quaker kite flier? WHEREISTHYSTRING
Royal band TIARA
Salinger girl ESME
Scottish island SKYE
Shade of black EBON
Singing partner of 114-Down TINA
Singing partner of 71-Across IKE
Skeleton's head? EXO
Some are English IVIES
Something for the road? ONEMORE
Sorority letter ETA
Square dancer's need PARTNER
Stairstep measure RISE
Stern REAR
Subj. with graphs ECON
Sucker, in Surrey LOLLY
Suffix with buck AROO
Supported BORNE
Table salt is one CHLORIDE
Tennis's Hingis MARTINA
They may be related to people at sea YARNS
Third line at the bottom: Abbr. PPPS
Trypsin, e.g. ENZYME
Unhurried EASY
Very much ALOT
Visiting locally INTOWN
Washerful LOAD
Way with strays? ALLEY
Wealthy one HAVE
What one often sees Homer do to Bart Simpson? CHOKEUPONTHEBRAT
When doubled, la-di-da TOO
Where I find impish impulses? INSPRITEOFMYSELF
Whole slew SCAD
Wisconsin college or town RIPON
Wrap (up) SEW
Yankee Hall-of-Famer Waite ___ HOYT
___-dieu PRIE
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