How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 18 2014

'Great' birds AUKS
'Hard ___!' (nautical command) ALEE
'I'll be right with you' ONESEC
'Let's shake!' PUTERTHERE
'Scary Movie,' for one SPOOF
'So true' IAGREE
'The Hunter (Catalan Landscape)' painter MIRO
'Tony n' ___ Wedding' TINAS
'___ not!' DID
1979 Roman Polanski film TESS
AAA service TOWING
About ASTO
Advantage, with 'up' LEG
All-human bridge? TOO
Anklebones TALI
Band with the 1974 #1 hit 'The Night Chicago Died' PAPERLACE
Barbra's 'Funny Girl' co-star OMAR
Barely bite NIPAT
Beat TOP
Big name in restaurant reviews ZAGAT
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
Bit of stagnant-water growth ALGA
Bonito relatives TUNAS
Breeze SNAP
Burning sensation? RAGE
California county or its seat NAPA
Calvary inscription INRI
Canadian blockhead HOSER
Chaucer work that invokes the book of Job, with 'The' CLERKSTALE
China's Zhou ___ ENLAI
Christmas Day urging OPENIT
Compact TREATY
Cover with new shingles REROOF
Depressed-looking SADEYED
Digs of pigs PEN
Director von Sternberg JOSEF
Do sometimes called a 'natural' AFRO
Early third-century year CCIV
Eastern wrap: Var SAREE
Edison's middle name ALVA
End of a game? ALAI
Fall shade OCHRE
Family nickname SIS
Fertilizer ingredient PEAT
Finger-pointer NAMER
Foot bone TARSAL
Got sick TOOKILL
Hard drive malfunction CRASH
Harvey of Hollywood WEINSTEIN
How pastrami is usually ordered ONRYE
Indian princesses RANIS
Irish algebra teacher? COREYOGRAPH
Irish arborist? WILLOTREES
Irish chemist? ANGIEOGRAM
Irish dogsled racer? JUNEOALASKA
Irish health care worker? MAEOCLINIC
Irish mountain climber? NATEOSUMMIT
Irish painter? MELOYELLOW
Irish secretary? JEANOTYPING
Irish woodworker? PATTYOFURNITURE
Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g ARUM
Jai alai basket CESTA
Light quanta PHOTONS
Light reddish-brown horses SORRELS
Lighting expert? PYRO
Like some bands with only modest Western popularity BIGINJAPAN
Like some workers APIAN
Long, angry complaint SCREED
Love letters? SWAK
Lucrative Internet biz PORN
Marie Curie, e.g.: Abbr MME
Marks (out) XES
Missile Command maker ATARI
Montréal suburb Côte St.-___ LUC
Noodges NAGS
Nosed around PRIED
Novel ending EPILOG
Numismatist's classification RARE
One may take you in SCAM
One of the Gandhis INDIRA
One who bugs people? SPY
Orphic hymn charmer ERATO
Part of a dishwasher RACK
Pear or quince POME
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Pith helmet TOPEE
Places for fuel TANKS
Places for panels DAISES
Positive principle YANG
Possible water contaminator ECOLI
Preinstalled iPhone browser SAFARI
Prepare the first course, say TOSSASALAD
Problem in bed, for some APNEA
Protestant denom EPISC
Put up with STAND
Quarter back, possibly CHANGE
Quote CITE
Rice dish PILAF
Richard of 'A Summer Place' EGAN
Riddles with bullets SHOOTSUP
Serenaded SANGTO
Set crowd, maybe EXTRAS
Setting set UTENSILS
She married Bobby on 'The Sopranos' JANICE
Snorkeling locale REEF
Social welfare org UNICEF
Some distance races TENKS
Some investment bonds, for short MUNIS
Springfield Plateau area OZARKS
Steal, as a vehicle CARNAP
Still-life subject VASE
Suddenly strike DAWNON
Suffix with zinc ITE
Support BRACE
Tailored SEWED
Targets for a delivery SHIPSTO
Tony-winning actress Judith IVEY
Univ. divisions DEPTS
Univ. in Troy, N.Y RPI
Utah city OREM
Versatile bean SOYA
Victory goddess NIKE
Voiced some pleasure OOHED
War on Poverty prez LBJ
What can open files? MIS
When the day's done, to Denis NUIT
When the day's done, to Donne EEN
Where the Storting meets OSLO
Yard filler, maybe ALE
___ Bums (Brooklyn Dodgers nickname) DEM
___ City (Baghdad area) SADR
___ Johansson, 1959-60 world heavyweight champion INGEMAR
___ noir CAFE
___-Caps (candy) SNO
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