How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 17 2019

#1, e.g hit
1991 Kenneth Branagh film about reincarnation deadagain
And all that: Abbr etc
Bad way to be left atthealtar
Brief affair fling
Bringing up the rear inlast
Brother of the Wild West earp
Bubble and squeak ingredient, slangily spud
Bundle encase
Bygone saxophone great, familiarly trane
Caribbean land named by Columbus guadeloupe
Collide with in an intersection, perhaps tbone
Common diagnostic for epileptics eegtest
Communication that's seen but not heard, for short asl
Computer mode sleep
Cool digs? igloo
Country superfans jingoists
Daughter (and granddaughter) of Jocasta antigone
Didn't pull over droveon
Diner eater
E-4 or E-6, in the Army: Abbr nco
Efficiency stat mpg
Gobs aton
Goddess played by Rene Russo in 'Thor' frigga
Good as new restored
Hankering urge
Having hooves ungulate
Having it out atwar
Indian state on the Arabian Sea goa
It's sanctioned by a 'G' generalaudience
Jimmy Dorsey standard with the line 'You're like the fragrance of blossoms fair' sorare
John who wrote 'Appointment in Samarra' ohara
Kool Moe ___ (first rapper to perform at the Grammys) dee
Laugh hysterically roar
Lavatory washroom
Money at una casa de cambio pesos
Mr. Microphone manufacturer ronco
Nascent stage embryo
On edge uneasy
One of the Brady kids greg
Packing armed
Panache style
Photographer Goldin nan
Police patrol
Pull off a spool unreel
Quit logout
Rattle off recite
Riled (up) het
Risks bets
Shooting location range
Shrewdness goodsense
Single-minded pursuits crusades
Skipper's opposite goer
Slowly moves (along) chugs
So ergo
Squalid grubby
Start of a cycle? tri
Stayed close to hugged
Summer broadcast for ESPN majorleaguegame
Swimmer off the coast of Greenland harpseal
The Theatre Cat in Broadway's 'Cats' gus
Therapists' org apa
Things felt at a casino? tabletops
Three CDs? mcc
Tie up moor
What many doctors and lawyers work in privatepractice
Wide shoe spec eee
Word whose first letter is dropped in contractions are
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