How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 17 2005

'I agree' YES
'Sure, why don't we?!' LETS
'The smile of beauty' toothpaste IPANA
A.M.A. members DRS
Actress Sommer et al. ELKES
Agassi and Maginot ANDRES
Always, poetically EER
Anticipate FORESEE
Bottomless DEEP
Capek play RUR
Cautious GUNSHY
Cow catcher LASSO
Crime lab stuff DNA
Criticize, slangily DIS
Cutting tool ADZ
Domain of the Hapsburgs, once: Abbr. HRE
Eagles on the wing SOARERS
Eskimo boat UMIAK
Fall guy SAP
Fend (off) WARD
Full-bodied ROBUST
Gist NUB
Go in with rolled-up pants? WADE
Hard up NEEDY
Hat and coat, e.g. APPAREL
Head start EDGE
Jury composition PEERS
Lefty of 1920's-30's baseball ODOUL
Like many college dorms COED
Love object of Apollo DAPHNE
Main line AXIS
Mezzo-soprano Frederica ___ Stade VON
Middle part ABDOMEN
Mild oaths DRATS
Motherly ministering, for short TLC
Move under cover SNEAK
Muddied the waters ROILED
Nerve impulse transmitter AXON
Neuter SPAY
New kid on the block TYRO
Nike's swoosh, e.g. LOGO
NuGrape competitor NEHI
Open a bit AJAR
Open, as a bottle UNCAP
Otherwise ELSE
Paid attention, so to speak SATUP
Perpendicular PLUMB
Photo ___ OPS
Pitts of 'Life With Father' ZASU
Place for a bouncing baby KNEE
Police car with a flashing light, maybe ESCORT
Pool sticks CUES
Pretty pink RARE
Puts on ADDS
Razor sharpener STROP
Reactions to dirty tricks BOOS
Reagan attorney general ___ Meese EDWIN
Samoan port APIA
San Jose-to-Fresno dir. ESE
See red? OWE
Seine feeder OISE
Smart-alecky PERT
Statistic DATUM
Status ___ QUO
Stood up ROSE
Suffix with million AIRE
They keep 'Q' from 'U' RST
ThinkPad, e.g. LAPTOP
Threshold VERGE
Top of the lingerie line BRA
Trickster's comment, after 17-, 33- or 42-Across THEJOKEWASONYOU
Twist the arm of URGE
Unhappy response GRR
Uninspired reactions EHS
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