How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 16 2004

1920’s-30’s Winter Olympics star HENIE
1988 comeback hit for the Beach Boys KOKOMO
1994 “S.N.L.”-based bomb starring Julia Sweeney ITSPAT
About six centuries hence MMDC
Actress Hatcher TERI
Actress Zadora PIA
Advantages UPSIDE
Alter ___ (another exactly the same) IDEM
Archaeological find URN
As follows THUS
Ball game LOTTO
Benders? KNEES
Bill Wyman, in the Rolling Stones BASSIST
Boatload TON
Bowed (to) LOST
Brief romance IDYLL
Brought forth BIRTHED
Campaigns in the Mideast JIHADS
Caring grps. HMOS
Cast wearer’s problem ITCH
Champagne classification DRY
Clamor HUE
Colonnade tree ELM
Dame ___ Everage EDNA
Delhi tongue HINDI
Delicate cut SNIP
Disapprove of DEPLORE
Drum that makes tiny bird sounds? PEEPINGTOMTOM
Elton John’s “___ Song” YOUR
Ending of a firm’s name INC
Enemy pilot in a dogfight GOMER
Euro pop? PERE
Fictional sleuth Travis MCGEE
Flirting with a patient, e.g.? DOCTORNONO
Food label no. RDA
Formula ___ ONE
Geom. point CTR
Gershwin title character BESS
Give either a wholly good or bad review? SAYITISNTSOSO
Give out EMIT
Greek sea god NEREUS
Have a “Star Wars” character preserved? PICKLEJARJAR
Headquarters BASE
Heart, e.g. THUMPER
Hidden drawback CATCH
High-hats SNOOTS
Holiday spots RESORTS
Hosp. workers MDS
Hostility ICINESS
In the lead FIRST
In the past OVER
Is a rat SINGS
Is amused by GETS
Island purchase? GASOLINE
Jewel case inserts DISCS
Kellogg Company brand EGGO
Kind of charge TNT
Kind of flour GRAHAM
Lap dog PUG
Largish deer ELK
Legendary Giant OTT
Light show SITCOM
Like corsets LACEDUP
Literary biographer Lord David ___ CECIL
Lively fish dance? SARDINECANCAN
Long time EON
Make big, as hair TEASEUP
Making a big hit HOMERING
Marsh marigold COWSLIP
Miracle-___ GRO
Music compilation seller KTEL
Musical premiere of 1805 EROICA
Next in line HEIR
Nonlethal firearm RIOTGUN
Not explicit HINTED
Object of the 1981 hit “Woman” YOKOONO
Oilman Leon who owned the New York Jets HESS
On the warpath MAD
Open house org. PTA
Opposite of hinder ABET
Out fishing, possibly ASEA
Paint remover SCRAPER
Patches up MENDS
Phrase describing an offerer of sympathy? WHOGOESTHERETHERE
Pick up the tab TREAT
Pillow filler EIDER
Plant production SAP
Playboy’s wear PAJAMAS
Poet portrayed in “Il Postino” NERUDA
Priests, e.g. HOLYMEN
Purchase from the frozen foods section POTPIE
Razor maker BIC
Rendered immobile HOGTIED
Royal rebuke? KINGTUTTUT
Self-effacing HUMBLE
Sewing shop purchase SKEIN
Slop trough site STY
Softies show it LENITY
Spy in Canaan CALEB
Straighten out UNTANGLE
Stretches (out) EKES
Strongly recommended PUSHED
Suitable for rainy days INDOOR
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Sweater style VNECK
Symbol of pride STRUT
Tempter SATAN
They may be bitter ALES
Touches TINGES
TV role for 67-Across LOIS
Uses a harrow TILLS
V.I.P. on Al Jazeera EMIR
Venez. neighbor COL
W.W. II spy org. OSS
What the impatient reader of English essays requested? LAMBCHOPCHOP
What the mother of a dozen kids says just before turning out the light? TWELFTHNIGHTNIGHT
Work units: Abbr. WKS
World bankers’ grp. IMF
Zen achievement SATORI
___ du Diable ILE
___ Maine USS
___ voce SOTTO
“A good breakfast, but an ill supper”: Francis Bacon HOPE
“Body Heat” actor Richard CRENNA
“Bottle-nosed” creature DOLPHIN
“Get off the stage!” BOO
“i” piece? DOT
“Just the thing!” PERFECT
“Let’s hear it” DOTELL
“Look ___!” HERE
“Some Words With a Mummy” writer POE
“___ Kapital” DAS
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