How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 14 1999

'Das Rheingold' goddess ERDA
'Dilbert' cartoonist SCOTTADAMS
'ER' actor La Salle ERIQ
'In My Own Fashion' autobiographer OLEGCASSINI
'___ in Calico' (hit of the 40's) AGAL
Architectural sidepiece JAMB
At another time ANON
Atlas abbr. ELEV
Billy the Kid portrayer Gulager CLU
Brussels-based org. NATO
Busy place HIVE
Caspian Sea feeder VOLGARIVER
Caused by providential guidance TELEOLOGIC
Checkpoint requests IDS
Deliquesce MELT
Director Schumacher JOEL
Dispense DOLEOUT
Dump drop-off GARBAGE
Eavesdropping org. NSA
Equator, e.g.: Abbr. CIR
Eviscerate GUT
Exemplars of twinship PEAS
F.D.R. or J.F.K., e.g. DEM
Fall off WANE
Fulda tributary EDER
Gold-medal speed skater Johann ___ Koss OLAV
Grossglockner, e.g. ALP
Harp part PEDAL
Japanese salad ingredient UDO
Join securely TENON
Kind of cookie SMART
Like lifeguards TAN
Lucky strikes ORES
Medicine cabinet item QTIP
Noted Barnard undertaking TRANSPLANT
One of the Bunker twins ENG
Peke squeak YIP
Percolation products LYES
Peut-___ (perhaps): Fr. ETRE
Prego ad phrase ITSINTHERE
Quells, in a way TEARGASSES
Randy's skating partner TAI
Ranjit Singh and others MAHARAJAHS
Rock's Bon ___ JOVI
Seemingly, at the start QUASI
Severe critics CENSURERS
Sharp focus INTENTNESS
Sit in on AUDIT
Slo-mo replay subjects, often TDS
So-called 'Little Flower of Jesus' STTHERESA
Speck IOTA
Starting lineup? QWERTYUIOP
Student-focused org. PTA
Sub sinker MINE
Successively ONEATATIME
Teatro Constanzi premiere of 1900 TOSCA
Tent need STAKE
Took part temporarily SATIN
Ukr. neighbor RUSS
Under the weather INDISPOSED
Where John Candy made his debut SCTV
___ many words INSO
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