How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 12 2011

'Amen to that!' YEAH
'Born from jets' sloganeer SAAB
'Gimme ___!' ASEC
'It ___ laugh' ISTO
'Rugrats' dad STU
'The Wizard of Oz' companion LION
'Ugly Betty' actress Ortiz ANA
1972 missile pact SALTI
62-Down events, for short TDS
Aliens, for short ETS
Bacchanalias SPREES
Big ___ (nickname of baseball's Ortiz) PAPI
Blue ball TWO
Brand name that might ring a bell? AVON
Brit's teapot cover COSY
CBS part: Abbr. SYS
City in Provence ARLES
Composer of 'The Microsoft Sound' ENO
Conjure up spirits? TENDBAR
Cook, as some beans REFRY
Crime of which 17-, 26-, 51- and 59-Across are victims? IDENTITYTHEFT
Dandy FINE
Did nothing while other things went on SATBY
Drawing RAFFLE
Face down OPPOSE
FedEx alternative DHL
Figurehead's place SHIP
Gadget whose name was inspired by '2001: A Space Odyssey' IPOD
Geraldo Rivera opened one in 1986 VAULT
Give the go-ahead SAYOK
Hardware bit TNUT
He killed Chuck Norris in 'Return of the Dragon' BRUCELEE
Hi-tech helper PDA
I-90 in Mass., e.g. TPKE
Inspired stuff AIR
It connects to the scull OAR
It's kept under the table LEG
Jail cells? PENALBOXES
Joneses YENS
Kingdom until 2008 NEPAL
Late-night wars participant LENO
Member of an Iraqi minority KURD
Night before EVE
Occupations that may mean being forced to move away SITINS
One may be left hanging CHAD
One who stirs the pot CHEF
Open grassland STEPPE
Pitch for a pistol? GLOCKSPIEL
Place name before and after 'Oh' in a Thomas Moore title ERIN
Poet's preposition ERE
Prefix with -com NON
Raising hell ONATEAR
Rebel, in a way ACTOUT
Slave who dies in the Temple of Vulcan AIDA
Smack, so to speak HEROIN
Source of strength SINEW
Sparring session? CASUALFRAY
Sports org. that lasted only one season XFL
Staples of séances RAPS
Start of an incantation ABRA
Suffering from chicken pox? SICKANDRED
Take back, as a statement RECANT
Take for a ride DUPE
Those in front of lenses IRISES
Time to give up? LENT
Trillion: Prefix TERA
Tubes TVS
Typical Justin Bieber fan TEEN
Whack jobs PSYCHOS
Worn things ATTIRE
Wrestling's ___ the Giant ANDRE
___ fly SAC
___ Union SOVIET
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