How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 12 2002

'A Beautiful Mind' fellow NASH
'Buona ___' (Italian greeting) SERA
'Hold On Tight' grp. ELO
'Let me explain ...' SEE
'Letting Go' novelist ROTH
'Live ___!' ITUP
'Mon ___' (1958 French comedy) ONCLE
'___, upward thro' the golden air': Lindsay ONON
1/8 ounce DRAM
1935 Laughton part BLIGH
1986 Art Spiegelman book MAUS
1995 Oliver Stone film NIXON
Abbr. on 14-Across ATTN
Actress Hatcher TERI
American Chicle Co. brand CERTS
Aplenty GALORE
Author Wiesel ELIE
Barbed, in a way TART
Beetle's relative JETTA
Bend ARC
Big guns in D.C.? NRA
Blowing WINDY
Brooklyn campus PRATT
Capital of Iran RIAL
Certain fisherman SEINER
Charlotte ___, Virgin Islands AMALIE
Check recipient PAYEE
Chiang ___-shek KAI
City just south of Delray BOCA
Come back RECUR
Conclusion EPILOG
Conglomerations AMALGAMS
County seat on Long Island MINEOLA
Coven participants HAGS
Darling, in Dijon CHERIE
Decisive time DDAY
Disney collectible CEL
Drifts ROAMS
Engine parts RODS
Finalizes ICES
Flood stoppers DIKES
Food for Fido ALPO
Former Met Throneberry MARV
French nobleman COMTE
Frontier beliefs? PRAIRIEDOGMA
Girl who's 'the flower of my heart' ADELINE
Gleem competitor IPANA
Globular ORBED
Happy as ___ ACLAM
Hardly Mr. Nice Guy MEANIE
Harmonize TUNE
Heater GAT
Hooting owl, maybe OMEN
Hosannas PRAISES
Ill-fated lover JULIET
Insightful DEEP
Iridescent mineral OPAL
It has a police record BLOTTER
It takes grubs for grub TOAD
It's sometimes delayed: Abbr. ETD
Jump from one foot to the other JETE
Key person LOCKSMITH
Kind of block MORTISE
Lidded box CASKET
Life, for one CEREAL
Mallorca, e.g. ISLA
Mayberry kid OPIE
Menotti opera character AMAHL
Mil. addresses APOS
Miss Woodhouse of fiction EMMA
Mock comment of understanding AHSO
Mother of Hermes MAIA
Musical ending CODA
Musical flourish GLISSANDO
Muslim duty HAJJ
New York stadium name ASHE
Nissan attire? MAXIMASKIRT
Noted Shakespearean producer PAPP
Of mice and men?: Abbr. PLUR
Old Dodge OMNI
Old name in coin-op games ATARI
One side of the Senate, informally DEMS
Only a drug of forgetfulness? JUSTSOMA
Order to a shooter AIM
Overplayed one's feelings EMOTED
Photographed a couple of Italian balloonists? SHOTTWOOVERPARMA
Places LOCI
Places for cabins SHIPS
Playing two cellos at once, maybe? YOYOMATRICK
Poe bird RAVEN
Port of Brazil BELEM
Prefix with phobia ACRO
Priest's urging ATONE
Prudential competitor AETNA
Queens locale ASTORIA
Reagan Cabinet member REGAN
Rehnquist's sign, appropriately LIBRA
Right-minded SANE
Rock's Brian ENO
Run out LAPSE
Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone With the Wind' LEADROLE
School ___ MARM
Scope ROOM
Semicolon? DOTCOMMA
Set (on) SIC
Sign on an arrow ENTER
Some pepper CAYENNE
Source of Rockefeller money OIL
Spreads on the table OLEOS
Strikes OMITS
Supernatural spirit JINN
Swamp MIRE
Temper MOOD
The Colosseum, e.g., today RUINS
They may be caught at the beach RAYS
They may be made with pads MEMOS
Tibetan Christmas caroler? FALALALALAMA
Time on end EONS
Tobacco plug DOTTLE
Topic for Ovid AMOR
Transparency ACETATE
Turns right GEES
Veteran studio actress? MGMGRANDMA
Weight allowances TRETS
What soprano Gluck says upon being introduced? YOUCANCALLMEALMA
What wakes people up in Washington? TACOMABELL
Who so far has run a three-minute mile NOONE
Women's wear HOSE
___ ben Adhem ABOU
___ de vivre JOIE
___ one ADMIT
___-Roman GRAECO
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