How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 11 2005

'In memoriam' item OBIT
'___ cares?' WHO
'___ to every purpose …' ATIME
3.26 light-years PARSEC
Actress Ladd CHERYL
Aid's partner ABET
Alaskan's sorry cry after a fight? JUNEAUWHATYADID
Archipelago part ISLE
Artist Alex, leader of modern realism KATZ
Attend GOTO
Be a brat ACTUP
Bit of writing on the wall? RUNE
Boston suburb LYNN
Cartesian 'I am' SUM
Celeb's way around town LIMO
Charles of 'Hill Street Blues' HAID
City on the Mohawk UTICA
Clan emblem TOTEM
Cortés victim AZTEC
Countercurrent EDDY
Curry of 'Today' ANN
Danny of 'The Color Purple' GLOVER
Down time LULL
Early Yucatán people MAYA
FedEx, say SHIP
Fizzy drink COLA
From Okla. City to Mobile ESE
From the top ANEW
Gad about ROVE
Gemini, for one SIGN
Georgian's question before a fight? YOUMACONFUNOFME
Go wide of, say MISS
Google competitor YAHOO
Hang in there STAY
Is in the red OWES
Japanese mat TATAMI
Like most bathroom graffiti: Abbr. ANON
Montanan's comeback? YOUREAREALBUTTE
Moose's place LODGE
MSN competitor AOL
Nearly closed AJAR
Neighbor of Bulg. ROM
New Yorker's dare? OKAYTROYTOHITME
Overdo a scene EMOTE
Piece in The New Republic ESSAY
Places to find dates? OASES
Privy to INON
Pump sign in Canada ESSO
Rainbow ___ TROUT
Really steamed IRED
Same: Fr. MEME
Sana'a citizen YEMENI
Sandwich filler TUNA
Sari-clad royal RANI
Scene of a fall EDEN
Send reeling STUN
Seven-time Wimbledon champ of the 1980's and 90's GRAF
Shakespeare's shrew, informally KATE
Show theatergoers to their seats, informally USH
Siouan speakers OTOES
Smiley face, e.g. ICON
Start to flutter one's eyes, say STIR
Stick-to-it-iveness GRIT
Suffix with buck AROO
Table leveler SHIM
Tahiti-bound, perhaps ATSEA
Taoism founder LAOTZU
The skinny INFO
Tolkien beast ORC
Traditional snake dancer HOPI
Vinegar holder CRUET
What we have OURS
Winter bug FLU
[sigh] ALAS
___ a long shot NOTBY
___ Mountains OZARK
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