How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 08 2016

'Dallas' family EWINGS
'I need a sweater in here!' IERE
'O.K., I'm game' SURE
'Ta-da!' DIDIT
'That smarts!' ABET
'You ___ Seen Nothing Yet' (1974 #1 hit) DINER
1960s secretary of state DEANRUSK
1961 movie featuring Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats NADAL
1982 coming-of-age movie RUSHHOURS
Actress Patricia and others ROAN
Advice to captains plagued by pirates? CHANGEYOURHHOWAYS
Animals in un zoológico SEN
Bait holders FISHHOOKS
Baseball executive Epstein HERA
Battling it out ATWAR
Be prone LIE
Beethoven's 'Kreutzer,' for one SONATA
Beyond comprehension RUINED
Bibbled DRANK
Burger topper BACON
C.I.A. concern MOLES
Canadian rowdy TROY
Causes of congestion EEN
Central courts ATRIA
Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' OONA
Chocolate ___ ATALL
City in 'Slumdog Millionaire' AGRA
Class taken for kicks? KARATE
Clinched, with 'up' SORE
Come back RECUR
Conservative's opinion of the Republican presidential candidates? OBERON
Container to keep a canine cool? DOGGYHHOBAG
Cooperative leaders? SOSO
Country music's K. T. ___ ROAST
Dark time for poets SEWN
David Mamet play SLUR
Dentist's request BITE
Desert feline SANDCAT
Designer of Spain's Guggenheim Museum EYE
Direction taken by a large pipe? HHOMAINCOURSE
Djokovic rival EERO
Double-crosser RAT
Dundee disavowals FAIR
Dwarf planet more massive than Pluto ERIS
Expanses of H2O AFTER
Fifth-century pontiff BRR
Following STLEO
Fraction of time: Abbr NSEC
French suffix that's an anagram of 4-Down LAB
From the start ANEW
Garment cut ALINE
Gillette product ATRA
Give the once-over SKIM
Give the once-over ESTH
Go from male to female or vice versa BOARD
Google rival SEAS
Handyman's accessory TOOLBELT
Help badly? OSLIN
High retreat AERIE
Home on the range RANCHHOUSE
Hot time JULY
How excellent students graduate WITHHONORS
How many a medical problem ends? ITIS
Impress, and then some WOW
In a blue state OBI
In a masterly manner ABLY
Leaves alone, in a way STETS
Like clogs, say SOLED
Like some statements SWORN
Lock opener? INTER
Long-jawed fishes GARS
Longtime '60 Minutes' reporter KROFT
Mac key ESC
Magazine with an annual '500' list INC
Magician's skill WILE
Marvel Comics hero AINT
Mediocre SAD
Milkman made famous by Zero Mostel TEVYE
Musical curve REOS
Musical ___ SCALE
Noggin NOB
Nonstandard: Abbr IOWA
Oceans? THEO
Olympian deity RARE
One of the Obamas SASHA
One of the Saarinens NEALS
Opened a bit AJAR
Out of business IRR
Part of Pres. Monroe's signature JAS
Pause REST
Pay 'tribute' to, as a comedian REDRAFTS
Poet Mark Van ___ DOREN
Prelude INTRO
Presto FAST
Propose tentatively, with 'out' TOSS
Proscribed TABOO
Real estate and the like ASSETS
Reddish-brown ASYLA
Running rampant ARIOT
Rushed HIED
Samuel Beckett's homeland EIRE
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Second and third versions THOR
Second-largest moon of Uranus GEHRY
See 112-Across ODAY
See 56-Across MAINE
Segment of the 47-Across REMI
Setting for 'The Music Man' YOWIE
Slyness ART
Somatotropin, e.g GROWTHHORMONE
Some of this, some of that OLIO
Some vintage autos GOODASGOLDHHO
Spoke hesitatingly HAWED
Suffered from HAD
Sugar coating? ICING
Sweaty WET
Tag in some dictionary definitions ANITA
Taking a dig at? MINING
Tallinn native YAHOO
Tatamis, e.g STRAWMATS
Telegrams sent by those in trouble? HOTHHOWIRES
The Dixie Chicks, e.g TRIO
The tiniest bit BALSA
Things held, in a saying OLEANNA
Timeout sign TEE
Tokyo wrap SENSELESS
Tricky start to a tennis rally SLICESERVE
Trump International, e.g HOTEL
Venetian dignitaries of old DOGES
Very powerful HIGHOCTANE
Very small distinction FINELINE
When repeated, toy on a track CHOO
Wise ones SAGES
With 36-Down, New England college town ORONO
With 45-Down, jazz singer who worked with Woody Herman THEHUSTLER
Within bounds HOSER
___ weight OSOS
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