How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 06 2007

'Ciao' TATA
'Drink to me only with thine eyes' poet JONSON
'Essays of ___' ELIA
'Far out!' AWESOME
'Happy Days' role POTSIE
'Star Trek: ___' TNG
'___ Coming' (1969 hit) ELIS
'___ me!' WOEIS
'___ now!' ACT
'___ tree falls ...' IFA
1932 skiing gold medalist Utterstrom SVEN
A club, e.g. BID
A person doing a duck walk grasps these ANKLES
Abbr. after many a military title RET
Actress Shire and others TALIAS
Ad ___ HOC
Annual announcement from 13-Down NOBEL
Basket material RAFFIA
Be a couch potato LAZE
Become tiresome to WEARON
Birthplace of Aaron Burr NEWARK
Bit of spelling? HEX
Bit of winter exercise? AWALKINTHEPARKA
Blushing RED
Burmese gathering? CATSHOW
Calais confidant AMI
Camera inits. SLR
Canine neighbor INCISOR
Carolina university ELON
Cat, at times SCRATCHER
Common origami creations CRANES
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Computer file name extension EXE
Computer key ALT
Cowboy's aid ROPE
Cultural/teaching facility ARTLAB
Dame Edith who was nominated for three Oscars EVANS
Denver's ___ Gardens amusement park ELITCH
Dish for an Italian racing champ? CHECKEREDPASTA
Dog with a tightly curled tail PUG
Epitome of blackness COAL
Eponymous physicist JOULE
Fake-out RUSE
Fit for dwelling HABITABLE
Fooled HAD
Former Irish P.M. ___ Cosgrave LIAM
French Bluebeard LANDRU
Freshens AIRSOUT
Frustrated FOILED
Gaynor of 'South Pacific' MITZI
Geraldo rehearses his show? ARIVERARUNSTHROUGHIT
German camera LEICA
Gouges repeatedly DIGSAT
Hall of Fame jockey Eddie ARCARO
Hen, at times CACKLER
Historic Heyerdahl craft RAI
Hopper of Hollywood HEDDA
In stitches SEWN
Insider talk LINGO
Introduction to opera? FIRSTAIDAKIT
Iowa and Missouri SIOUANS
Italian librettist Gaetano ___ ROSSI
Item on a chain, usually MONOCLE
Jazz's Herbie MANN
Kind of paper TRACING
Kind of sch. ELEM
King ___ tomb TUTS
Leaving, slangily BEATINGIT
Lessener ABATER
Like electrical plugs PRONGED
Lilylike plant HOSTA
Locale of Hoosier beaches? INDIANAOCEAN
Lodges INNS
Loser at the Battle of Châlons, A.D. 451 ATTILA
Many urban dwellers TENANTS
Match SEE
More run-down RATTIER
Most like a breeze EASIEST
Much-counterfeited timepiece ROLEX
Nautical rope HAWSER
Not exceeding UPTO
Oodles PILES
Periods in contrast to global warming ICEAGES
Photographer Arbus DIANE
Place for fish and ships SEA
Plight of an overcrowded orchestra? THREEMENINATUBA
Prof.'s posting HRS
Québec traffic sign ARRET
Regardful AWARE
Rise and fall, as a ship HEAVE
Sandwich that can never be finished? BOTTOMLESSPITA
School named in the Public Schools Act of 1868 ETON
See 92-Across: Abbr. SWED
Send out RADIATE
Short-order cook's aid GRIDDLE
Show fixation, maybe GAPE
Show slight relief, maybe EXHALE
Site of Napoleon's invasion of 1798-1801 CAIRO
Sought sanctuary, old-style REFUGED
Steers clear of ESCHEWS
Stephen King's first novel CARRIE
Stimpy's TV pal REN
Stowe girl EVA
Team supporter's suction cup–mounted sign FANWAVE
Tell RAT
Thick-bodied fish CHUB
Tiny annoyance FLEA
Traction provider CLEAT
Tribe with a sun dance CREES
Una ___ (old coin words) PESETA
Virus variety STRAIN
Where smart shoppers shop? MENSAWEARDEPARTMENTS
Whoops CRIES
Words often applied to 93-Across ORARE
Yes-men, maybe? ACCEPTERS
___ 'Inferno' DANTES
___ empty stomach ONAN
___ hammer (Viking symbol) THORS
___ Lomond LOCH
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