How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 04 2019

'Aloha nui ___' (Hawaiian sign-off meaning 'lots of love') loa
'Moonlight' Oscar winner ali
'River People' of Arizona pimas
'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs' playwright inge
A Minor Prophet micah
Accompany bewith
Bean in space alan
Beat badly maul
Big bang source, informally atest
Candidate's goal, for short phd
Centrist moderate
Climate control syst hvac
Come alive stir
Commercial game whose box says it's for 2-10 players uno
Could may
Denial to a denial aretoo
Fashion lines? adlib
Finally hit the big time arrive
Full monty wholebit
Fully charged laden
Goals for fiscal conservatives balancedbudgets
Green vegetable chard
Hard to move stoic
Heading over a list of leading figures on a business's website ourteam
Heads of Parliament? loos
Is tough enough cantakeit
It could be carried in a cart ore
Jeer leaders? booers
John who wrote 'From the Terrace' ohara
Laterally, in a way abeam
Layette item babybib
Lean bias
Long-gone olden
Makers of fine combs bees
Marsala, e.g italianwine
Most askew wriest
Not proceed straightforwardly sidle
Ones doing great and loyal service yeomen
Ones making glowing recommendations? neons
Pacifica or Sausalito, to S.F burb
Person for whom one removes one's hat tsaagent
Picnic staple coleslaw
Pirate haven of old nassau
Playfully fantastical seussian
Poet/lyricist who wrote the 1974 #1 hit 'Seasons in the Sun' mckuen
Polite kids' plea couldwe
Radley rival eton
Rears sterns
Recipient of the wish at 1-, 8-, 53- and 55-Across you
Renaissance Faire sights lutes
Request from someone who's disconsolate ineedahug
Retiring timid
Sch. divisions yrs
Solar or lunar eclipse, e.g event
Some headway dent
Sp. mujeres sras
Space for everything theuniverse
Sulk snit
Support staff helpers
Tail end of a dog? apso
Thrill send
Took a spill, say? mopped
Toyota models since 1984 4runners
U.S. Independence Day, informally the4th
Vegetable with greens beet
Villainous trademark sneer
Wet ___ nap
Within recent memory lately
Written guide for a business proceduremanual
Yet, to Yeats een
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