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New York Times May 04 2008

'A Jug of Wine ...' poet OMAR
'A Letter for ___' (Hume Cronyn film) EVIE
'Darn it!' CRUD
'Sesame Street' regular ERNIE
'Sink or Swim' author ALGER
'The Informer' author O'Flaherty LIAM
'___ else fails ...' IFALL
16th-century English dramatist George PEELE
1957 Jerry Lee Lewis song for tree fanciers? GREATBALSAFIRE
1959 Chuck Berry song for tree fanciers? ELMOSTGROWN
1964 Bobby Goldsboro song for tree fanciers? CEDARFUNNYLITTLECLOWN
1965 Yardbirds song for tree fanciers? FIRYOURLOVE
1970s-'80s baseball All-Star Manny TRILLO
1977 Dolly Parton song for tree fanciers? HEREYOUGUMAGAIN
1978 Linda Ronstadt song for tree fanciers? PAWPAWPITIFULME
1982 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song for tree fanciers? OLIVEROCKNROLL
Actress Charlotte and explorer John RAES
Air Force athlete FALCON
Altar procedure RITE
Anacin alternative ALEVE
Ashram leader GURU
Badlands sight MESA
Bank deposit? SILT
Be noisy BLAT
Beaufort scale category GALE
Bellowing AROAR
Brain parts LOBES
Bridal collection TROUSSEAU
Camper driver RVER
Chemical suffix IDE
Chick on the piano COREA
Craving, slangily JONES
Crèche figures MAGI
Criticize SLAM
Cross ROOD
Cry of dismay YIPE
Dance specialty TAP
Dickens title starter ATALE
Discombobulate FAZE
Do police work KEEPORDER
Doozy LULU
Dot follower, often EDU
Dungeons & Dragons character OGRE
E-mail annoyance SPAM
Eastern ruler EMIR
Energetic GOGO
Enters cyberspace LOGSON
Exorcist's enemy DEMON
Flight formation VEE
For this reason ERGO
From the top ANEW
Give off EMIT
Give the once-over OGLE
Go into hysterics RANT
Grand ___, Nova Scotia PRE
Happy gatherings FESTS
Helpful pointer ARROW
Hurt badly MAIM
Impassive STOLID
Impromptu Halloween costume SHEET
Inner circles CADRES
Insignificant amount SOU
It's spotted in the wild OCELOT
Italian bread PANE
Jazzy Nina SIMONE
John's 'Pulp Fiction' co-star UMA
Key fort? MCHENRY
Kind of meeting in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' KLAN
Laura of 'Blue Velvet' DERN
Lay on the line RISK
Ledger entry DEBIT
Like a lot of Australia ARID
Mill material IRON
Modern pentathlon event EPEE
Mountain chain CORDILLERA
Musical Rimes LEANN
Neighbor of Chad NIGER
Nick name? SANTA
Nirvana seeker YOGI
Nominal promotion of a military officer BREVET
Not at all familiar ALIEN
Not ___ many words INSO
Nut holder UBOLT
Off-limits item NONO
Old-time oath EGAD
One trillionth: Prefix PICO
One way to be taken ABACK
Outer limits ENDS
Palate part UVULA
Permission LEAVE
Place for an easel ATELIER
Play-by-play partner COLOR
Port of Iraq BASRA
Power of film TYRONE
Purple stuff, perhaps PROSE
R.N.'s station ICU
Ran through again REVIEWED
Rap star ___ Jon LIL
Red army? ANTS
Rossini subject TELL
Rough condition to face? ACNE
Rush hour sounds TOOTS
Salmon tail? ELLA
Sign of spring ARIES
Sing 'Bye Bye Birdie,' e.g. ALLITERATE
Sing like Fitzgerald SCAT
Something one can never do DUET
Soul singer Lou RAWLS
Source of creosote TAR
Source of some coffee ARABIA
Sp. misses SRTAS
Spray withdrawn in 1989 ALAR
Stand RISE
Stretch AREA
Sufficient, informally ENUF
Suffix with myth ICAL
Sugar or flour STAPLE
Sugar substitute? HON
Teatime treat SCONE
Thanksgiving serving YAMS
Theater audience HOUSE
Theodor Escherich's discovery ECOLI
Tippy transport CANOE
Tito Puente played them TIMBALES
Try to steal the scene, maybe EMOTE
Underlying meaning DRIFT
Via ___ (Roman road) APPIA
Went like a shot ZOOMED
Witty remark JEST
Words before bed or rest PUTTO
Words of reproach ETTU
World capital, founded in 1538, formerly known as Chuquisaca SUCRE
___ Jr., West Coast hamburger chain CARLS
___ Lad, doughnut shop on 'The Simpsons' LARD
___ Systems, networking giant CISCO
___ volatile SAL
___-Poo of 'The Mikado' NANKI
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