How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 02 2004

'Absolutely!' YES
'Bewitched' role ENDORA
'Dallas' family name EWING
'Flying Down ___' (1933 movie) TORIO
'How dry ___' IAM
'In my dreams!' IWISH
'Pass ___!' ITON
'Snazzy!' NEAT
'This one's ___!' ONME
'When I was ___ ...' ALAD
'___ him on a Monday' (Crystals lyric) IMET
1970's sitcom title role SANFORD
A Verizon predecessor NYNEX
Abbr. in car ads APR
Allowances STIPENDS
Ancient coins of Greece OBOLS
Any 'Cheers' episode, now RERUN
Azerbaijan's capital BAKU
Baseball's Ron CEY
Biblical kingdom MOAB
Big or little dipper TOE
Bizet opera priestess LEILA
Boston skyscraper, informally, with 'the' PRU
Brings on HIRES
Cabbie's question WHERETO
Car last made in 1957 NASH
Cause of many calls to the police, often UFO
Children's author/illustrator Asquith ROS
Classic name in Irish ales KILLIAN
Clearness LUCENCY
Coin-operated entertainment PEEPSHOW
Columbus Day mo. OCT
Compass dir. SSE
Computer fodder DATA
Day-___ GLO
Dictionary term for any of the 'self-defining' answers in this puzzle KANGAROOWORD
Dueler's unit PACE
Ecuadoran volcano that erupted in 1940 COTOPAXI
Eggs on GOADS
Element of tribal warfare? SPEAR
Ethelred the Unready, for one EPITHET
Failure in bridge SET
Family girl NIECE
Fill up again with inventory RESTOCK
Firm member: Abbr. ATTY
Fishy sign PISCES
Foolhardiness TEMERITY
Furman's partner in brokerage SELZ
Gershwin's 'The ___ Love' MANI
Hardly svelte PORTLY
Help by confirming an alibi LIEFOR
Himalayan myth YETI
Hit CBS drama CSI
Hockey great Eric LINDROS
How tuna may be served in a diner ONTOAST
Hungarian sheepdog PULI
Impudence SASS
Impugn SMEAR
Instant TRICE
Insurance worker AGENT
Italian shopping mart EMPORIO
Jr.'s exam PSAT
Kathleen who wrote 'Through a Glass Darkly' NORRIS
Kind of cow CASH
Korean car DAEWOO
Least polite CURTEST
Leave out SKIP
Liable to snap CROSS
Like 'Aida' TRAGIC
Like the Pledge of Allegiance RECITED
Like winter sidewalks ICY
Medical disappointment RELAPSE
Meet with SEE
Melville novel TYPEE
Nana's mate GRANPA
New Hampshire's state flower LILAC
Newsman John STOSSEL
Oblast capital SSW of Moscow OREL
One in debt OWER
Pants part SEAT
Pesto ingredient BASIL
Photo ___ OPS
Pi follower RHO
Pioneer German automaker DAIMLER
Pitcher Robb ___ NEN
Poisonous plant SUMAC
Quits the Net LOGSOFF
Quod ___ demonstrandum ERAT
Resting place SOFA
Robert of TV's 'Vega$' URICH
Russia, once TSARDOM
Scotland's Firth of ___ TAY
See circled squares CONTAMINATES
See circled squares HONORABLE
See circled squares MASCULINE
See circled squares INHERITOR
See circled squares NEUROTIC
See circled squares FALSITIES
See circled squares ENCOURAGE
See circled squares COMPADRES
See circled squares CHARISMA
See circled squares CHARIOTS
See circled squares UNSIGHTLY
See circled squares FEASTERS
See circled squares PRECIPITATION
Shortly INABIT
Sin city SODOM
Singer Janis IAN
Some apron wearers MAS
Spanish boys CHICOS
Spectrum member INDIGO
State bordering Arizona SONORA
Steel factory input IRONORE
Store sign OPEN
Tarzan portrayer ELY
Theme park company LEGO
They're busy BUSTLERS
Title girl in a hit 1925 musical NANETTE
Titled Frenchman DUC
Tombstone letters RIP
Turned on LIT
Unknown element XFACTOR
VCR button REW
Visual illusions OPART
W.W. II general ___ Arnold HAP
Wanna-___ (pretenders) BES
Where you can hear a PIN ATM
Willow OSIER
Worker's advocate, for short UNIONREP
Writer Cecil of 'The Straight Dope' ADAMS
___ low profile KEEPA
___ possidetis (as you possess, at law) UTI
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