How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 01 2011

#2 or #3, say LOSER
'2001: A Space Odyssey' studio MGM
'Casablanca' role ILSA
'Does not compute' ERROR
'Goodness gracious!' OHMY
'It's about time!' ATLAST
'Legs' band, 1984 ZZTOP
'The Family Circus' cartoonist Keane BIL
'The Old Wives' Tale' playwright George PEELE
'Ugh!' BAH
'___ Mine' (George Harrison book) IME
*Coldest point ABSOLUTEZER
*Destination of 1911 THESOUTHPOL
*First rung on a ladder ENTRYLEVELJO
*Most awful thing you could imagine WORSTNIGHTMARECOMETRU
1970s rock genre GLAM
20-ounce Starbucks order VENTI
2012 Olympics site LONDON
21, at a casino, say AGELIMIT
52 semanas ANO
A laser might read it DISC
Above all others ATTHETOP
Actress Farrah FAWCETT
Almost every puppy has one LITTERMATE
Baroque painter Hals FRANS
Big Apple media inits. NYT
Big boats ARKS
Bob, e.g. SLED
Bobby on the ice ORR
Brain-racked state WITSEND
Buddhist temple WAT
Burger King vis-à-vis McDonald's, fittingly ARCHRIVAL
Cable inits. HBO
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr. HRE
Close to one's heart PRIZED
Coal, e.g. FUEL
Color again, as hair RETINT
Come into INHERIT
Corrupt TAINT
Creator of Aslan and the White Witch CSLEWIS
Dates determined by the lunisolar calendar EASTERS
Davy Jones's locker SEABED
Declaration upon checking oneself into rehab INEEDHELP
Director's cry ACTION
Do followers REMI
Doctor whose patients never pay the bills VET
Dogie, e.g. CALF
Dost possess HAST
Fifth-century invader ATTILA
Foie ___ GRAS
Founder of an eponymous berry farm KNOTT
Freckle DOT
From ___ Z ATO
Gardener, at times HOER
Go-between: Abbr. AGT
Graduates ALUMNI
Hinny's mother ASS
Hits and runs? LOOTS
Hits or runs STAT
Holdup DELAY
Home for clover lovers EIRE
Introductory drawing class ARTI
It may have a cross to bear STEEPLE
Ixnay VETO
Kiss, in 34-Down SNOG
Kwik-E-Mart operator APU
Late-week cry TGIF
Leonidas' kingdom SPARTA
Like stars on a clear night AGLIMMER
Little, in Lyon PEU
Luxury hotel along Manhattan's Central Park, with 'the' PIERRE
Many a flower girl NIECE
Mendes of 'Hitch' EVA
Messing of 'Will & Grace' DEBRA
Minute, informally ITSY
Mohawked muscleman MRT
Monopoly util. ELEC
Most sacred building in Islam KAABA
Naan cooker TANDOOR
Nickelodeon dog REN
Noted weakness? TINEAR
One keeping a watch on someone? STRAP
One of three for H20 ATOM
One who may be removed COUSIN
One with a deadly tongue ANTEATER
Ones running shoulder to shoulder? ROADS
Optimist's phrase under adverse circumstances ... or a hint to completing the answers to the six starred clues THERESNOWHERETOGOBUTU
Ottoman bigwig BEY
Over three-quarters of bunsenite NICKEL
Pay ending OLA
Pennsylvanie, e.g. ETAT
Pick TAP
Pitch TONE
Place to get a yo-yo or choo-choo TOYSHOP
Plat du ___ JOUR
Pluto, to Saturn SON
Poet's 'before' ERE
Prefix with information MIS
Principal's charge: Abbr. SCH
Pub order PINT
Quarters that haven't been picked up? STY
Rapscallion IMP
Real softball EASYONE
Reversal UTURN
Rich cake TORTE
Russian legislature DUMA
Scuba mouthpiece attachment AIRPIPE
Settle a score AVENGE
Shakespearean prince HAL
She, in Rome ESSA
Sheer, informally SEETHRU
Skin-and-bones LEAN
Slippery ___ ELM
Some miniatures MODELS
Some pipe joints TEES
Something with one or more sides ENTREE
Specks of dust MOTES
Start to fix? PRE
Stub ___ ATOE
Surprise birthday parties often involve them RUSES
Swine swill SLOP
Tacitly agree with NODAT
Tamed tigers, say EXOTICPETS
Teatime biscuit SCONE
They're hypothetical IFS
Things in locks OARS
Times in classifieds AFTS
Town House alternative RITZ
Unwelcome guest PEST
Verne captain NEMO
Where lavalava skirts are worn SAMOA
Wirehair of the silver screen ASTA
Wood shaper ADZ
Years on end EON
___ Lingus AER
___ Mahal TAJ
___ Stix (powdered candy brand) PIXY
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