How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 31 2013

'Gag me!' EWW
'The Way You Look Tonight' composer KERN
'Yikes!' EEK
'You betcha' YUP
*... a bee during a downpour? STINGININTHERAIN
*... a harvester? GRAINMAN
*... a housecleaner? NEATWORK
*... a king's brilliance? REGALGENIUS
*... a parent's edicts? TEENCOMMANDMENTS
*... a sled racer? SNOWVOYAGER
*... actor Jason's fan club? BATEMANFOREVER
*... Jerry Garcia's band's portraits? DRAWNOFTHEDEAD
*Movie about ... an intense blinking contest? STAREWARS
1945 Best Picture winner, with 'The' LOSTWEEKEND
1983 film debut of Bill Maher DCCAB
Aconcagua setting ANDES
Airplane area CABIN
Album holder SLEEVE
Allowed to enter HADIN
Atoms in some light bulbs ARGONS
Back-to-school mo SEP
Big snapper? GATOR
Brainy person, and proud of it NERD
Cerberus guards its gates, in myth HADES
Certain extraction ORE
Chemical dropper PIPET
Children's author Silverstein SHEL
China's Chiang ___-shek KAI
City south of Brigham City OGDEN
City SSE of 117-Across OREM
Computer used to predict the 1952 presidential election UNIVAC
Darken BEDIM
De bene ___ (legal phrase) ESSE
Device Professor X wears over his head in 'X-Men' CEREBRO
Documentarian Morris ERROL
English king who was a son of William the Conqueror HENRYI
Evaluate ASSAY
Exactly SHARP
Expert despite little training NATURAL
Fake-book material SONGS
Fr. title MME
Get hot ENRAGE
Gridiron figure REF
Gyllenhaal of 'Brokeback Mountain' JAKE
Handles TENDS
Helping hand, paradoxically LEGUP
Hidden DVD feature ... which can be found, literally, in the answers to the starred clues EASTEREGG
High clouds CIRRI
Hollywood's Russell CROWE
Home of Typhon, in myth ETNA
Île de la ___ CITE
iPod ___ NANO
It comes from the heart AORTA
It's found in la mer SEL
It's west of the International Date Line ASIA
Just what the doctor ordered? SAYAH
Justice Dept. branch ATF
Kind of bean PINTO
Knoxville sch UTENN
Laurel and Lee STANS
Least volatile, perhaps SAFEST
Like some stockings and baseball games NORUN
Low-maintenance potted plant CACTUS
Lucy of 'Kill Bill' LIU
M.I.T. part: Abbr INST
Many ages AEON
Mess up ERR
More wound up TENSER
Music genre of Possessed and Deicide DEATHMETAL
Music related to punk rock EMO
Mythological figure often depicted holding a kithara ERATO
New Mexico State athlete AGGIE
Nonstop ONEND
Noted American writer in Yiddish ASCH
Object THING
Observatory subj ASTR
Once again ANEW
One might have a ball DEB
One-named R&B singer MYA
One-on-ones DUELS
Ones who wrote in the Ogham alphabet GAELS
Part of a play ROLE
Part of a pound CAGE
Part of E.M.S.: Abbr EMER
Part of N.B NOTA
Peptic ___ ULCER
Pitches ADS
Poet Conrad AIKEN
Pond fish BREAM
Pop singer Bedingfield NATASHA
Prefix with fluoride TETRA
Prefix with noir NEO
Public health agcy CDC
Recurring Stephen King antagonist Randall ___ FLAGG
Sam Spade, e.g., for short TEC
Senate vote NAY
Sentient AWARE
Signs off on OKS
Slew TON
Smelt ___ ROE
Solo companion CHEWBACCA
Some patches IRONONS
Son-of-a-gun DARNED
Starts of some games DEALS
Stations DEPOTS
Steaming beverage LATTE
Stripped BARE
Subject of the Pentagon Papers, informally NAM
Sugar suffix OSE
Supports AIDS
The 57-Down, e.g MTS
Two-time Emmy-winning actress for 'Taxi' CAROLKANE
Verdant LUSH
Vise parts JAWS
Vituperate RANTAT
Wall St. Journal listings IPOS
Wasn't exacting CUTCORNERS
Weekly bar promotion, maybe LADIESNIGHT
Wherewithal MEANS
Who wrote 'Wherever Law ends, Tyranny begins' LOCKE
Wipe out ERASE
Word at the end of many French films FIN
World banking org IMF
World powerhouse in cricket INDIA
Year 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' came out MCM
Yield to weariness SAG
[I'm not happy about this ...] GRR
___ for life SET
___ Lovelace, computer pioneer ADA
___ manual USERS
___ Outfitters, clothing retailer URBAN
___ water INHOT
___ Zone ESPN
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