How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 30 2014

'Bonne ___!' ANNEE
'Eternally nameless' thing, in Eastern religion TAO
'Listen, pal!' SEEHERE
'Long time ___' NOSEE
'Phooey!' BAH
'Quit stalling!' DOITNOW
'Seduction of the Minotaur' author NIN
'Selena' star, to her fans JLO
'To sum up ...' INREVIEW
'Twelfth Night' duke ORSINO
'___ alive!' SAKES
'___ to the list' ADDIT
1959 Dion and the Belmonts hit? LOATEENAGERVE
1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit? NOOMDAB
1984 Cyndi Lauper hit? TIMETIME
Abbr. at the top of an email BCC
Actress Tierney MAURA
Alaskan city SITKA
Back it up, in a way TWERK
Bank in need of support? DIKE
Bath accessories LOOFAS
Boss Tweed nemesis NAST
Brand of pickles VLASIC
Brings in EARNS
Bugs Bunny addressee DOC
Card reader, for short ATM
Casual summer wear CUTOFFS
Challenge for F.D.R POLIO
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Chicken ___ (Italian dish, informally) PARM
Competitor of ZzzQuil NYTOL
Crack filler CAULK
Dawn-to-dusk ALLDAY
Description on many eBay listings RARE
Didn't stop in time, say ODED
Dismissed AXED
Dose meas TSP
Dr Pepper alternative MRPIBB
Dreamy romantic quality STARDUST
Eastern religion SHINTO
Echelon TIER
Former Disney president Michael OVITZ
Former faddish exercise regimen TAEBO
French scene VUE
French thinkers? TETES
Graz's land: Abbr AUS
Hall-of-Famer Ralph KINER
Hands on deck TARS
Haughty affectation AIRS
Having a beat CADENT
Hollywood special FX CGI
Info for an airport greeter, for short ETA
Info on a magazine cover ISSUEDATE
Inspector of crime fiction MORSE
It's put on before takeoff SEATBELT
John Locke, philosophically EMPIRICIST
Kelly of morning TV RIPA
Kind of farming SUBSISTENCE
Label for 28-Across DECCA
Like an ode LAUDATORY
Like Neptune among the planets in the solar system OUTERMOST
Like Odin NORSE
Like peas in ___ APOD
Longing looks LEERS
Meatless day in W.W. II: Abbr TUE
Medium for love letters? BARK
Memorable series in 'Psycho' STABS
Mideast V.I.P AMIR
More cool, in slang ILLER
Muff a grounder BOOTIT
New York arrival of '77 SST
No longer in fashion DEMODE
Now and again? TWICE
Oktoberfest quaff BIER
Old lab burners ETNAS
Old mattress stuffing BEDSTRAW
Olympic leap TOELOOP
One inspiring love of poetry? ERATO
Out-of-the-way way DETOUR
Pertaining to religious rites SACRAL
Phil who played 65-Down SILVERS
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Pond denizen EFT
Prefix with thermal EXO
Purveyor of the Doublicious sandwich KFC
Quantum physics particle BOSON
Query at the start of a poker game YOUIN
Rap sheet listing PRIOR
Real dear ANGEL
Reinforces BOLSTERS
Rene of 'Thor' RUSSO
Rev (up) AMP
Reverse, e.g GEAR
Ring Lardner's 'Alibi ___' IKE
Rubber from Arabia? ALADDIN
Runners in the cold? NOSES
See 37-Across THEWATER
See 95-Down YOURMAN
Slanted writing EDITORIALS
Some dreams OMENS
Some lawn mowers TOROS
Some queens BEES
Some versions of Windows NTS
Something passed between the legs? BATON
Something you can believe TENET
Sound engineer's knob FADER
Sound of sweet nothings COO
Start of the United Negro College Fund slogan AMIND
Suffix with major ETTE
Suffix with salt INE
Summons, of a sort DOORBELL
Tea Partiers, e.g BLOC
The 's' in Awacs: Abbr SYS
The 'T' of Mr. T TERO
The continents, e.g SEPTET
Thumbing-the-nose gesture SNOOK
Verbally assault LAMBASTE
Victorian ___ ERA
Way off AFAR
What fastidious people can't be TOOCAREFUL
Where 'hello' is 'sveiks' LATVIA
Where to find screwdrivers and rusty nails BARROOMS
Wink's partner NOD
With 43-Across, 1973 Deep Purple hit? SMOKE
With 89-Down, 1968 Tammy Wynette hit? STAND
With the circled letters, 1955 Bill Haley and His Comets hit? THECLOCK
___ ale PALE
___ Domingo SANTO
___ pro nobis ORA
___ Scott Card, 'Ender's Game' writer ORSON
___ State (Mountain West Conference team) BOISE
___ Webster, Twain's 'celebrated jumping frog' DANL
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