How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 29 2009

'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' director, 2007 LUME
'Bertha' composer NEDROREM
'Cinderella Man' co-star, 2005 CROWE
'Down with you!' FIE
'I'm with you!' AGREED
'Raspberry Beret' singer PRINCE
'Rhyme Pays' rapper ICE
'Shake ___ Feather' (1967 hit) ATAIL
'You can't fool me!' OHO
'___ has it ...' RUMOR
1951 Oscar-winning film whose title suggests a visitor to the 118-Across ANAMERICANINPARIS
1971 Oscar-winning film whose title is hinted at nine times in this grid THEFRENCHCONNECTION
1986 self-titled album whose cover was Andy Warhol's last work AREHA
Accomplished DID
Achieves success ARRIVES
Actress Celeste HOLM
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Adjust, as a clock RESE
Admonished CHASTENED
Alley ___ OOP
Andy Capp's wife and others FLOS
Answers, quickly RSVPS
Arms runners? ULNAE
Author Janowitz TAMA
Beginning ONSE
Beginning ASOF
Binge TOOT
Bring at market SELLFOR
Bubble over SEEHE
Chopin's 'Butterfly' or 'Winter Wind' EUDE
Circle makers COMPASSES
Class-conscious grps.? PTAS
Co. that makes A.T.M.'s NCR
Cock and bull HES
Comment from over the shoulder, maybe HINT
Congressional assents YEAS
Cousins of zithers LYRES
Deuce follower ADIN
Dirty look LEER
Dog-tired SPENT
Dormancy REST
Electrical gizmo ADAPTOR
Fictional elephant HORTON
Fine rating AAA
Fraternity letters PSIS
Fruity bowlful COMPOTE
Geographically named S.U.V. TAHOE
Gunwale pin THOLE
Home in a 90-Down NEST
Hook-shaped parts of brains UNCI
How photography books are usually printed GLOSSILY
In concert ASONE
India's smallest state GOA
Insurance giant AENA
Inventory: Abbr. MDSE
It has many arms: Abbr. NRA
It may be bewitching VOODOO
It may be bewitching POTION
It's got magnetic pull SUNSPOT
Jazzy Waters EHEL
Jockey's wear CAP
Julie of 'The Early Show' CHEN
Keep an ___ EYEON
Knitter's stash SKEINS
Landmark inaugurated 3/31/1889 whose shape is suggested by nine squares in this puzzle's completed grid EIFFELTOWER
Lead-in to girl ATTA
Legal org. ABA
Letters on a cross INRI
Licorice-flavored seeds ANISES
Like a lace collar, maybe TATTED
Long flights HEGIRAS
Lose one's shirt GOBROKE
Macarena, for one LINEDANCE
Makes lovable ENDEARS
Mata ___ HARI
McGregor of the 'Star Wars' films EWAN
Mend, in a way RESEW
Messes up BOTCHES
MetroCard payment FARE
Midmonth date IDES
Modern traveler's purchase EICKE
Morning refreshment for 26-Across? CAFEAULAIT
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez TISH
Mystique AURA
Napoleon's place, frequented by 26-Across? PATISSERIE
Oldsmobile model ALERO
One of Judy Garland's girls LIZA
Orchestra member OBOIST
Palme ___ (prize at Cannes) DOR
Part of a pantheon DEITY
Peace Nobelist John Boyd ___ ORR
Pester for payment DUN
Philosopher Zeno of ___ ELEA
Pins and needles' place EUI
Playwright Bogosian ERIC
Police dept. employees DES
Poorly drained SEEPY
Popular vice TOBACCO
Prof.'s helpers TAS
Queen Mary, e.g. LINER
Rev.'s address SER
River of France and Belgium LYS
Rowing trophy OAR
Royal son of the comics ARN
RR stop STA
See 89-Down TREE
Skating star Sonja HENIE
Small drum of India TABLA
Snow globe holders EAGERES
Some collars and jackets EONS
Soviet comrade TOVARICH
Soyuz letters CCCP
Square meal component? MATZOH
Stands before a business meeting, maybe EASELS
Start of a spell ABRA
Strauss opera ELEKTRA
Sue Grafton's '___ for Corpse' CIS
Suffix with election EER
Surveyor's measure AREA
Swift-running bird EMU
Taboos NONOS
Tiny application DAB
To be abroad ERE
Tourist haven east of Java BALI
Turkish title AGA
Umbrella locale BEACH
United Airlines hub OHARE
Vegetable in Cajun cuisine OKRA
Venomous ASPISH
Verizon forerunner GTE
Way off AFAR
Wine enjoyed by 26-Across, maybe CHATEAULAFITE
Words of empathy ICARE
Work without ___ ANE
York product MINTPATTY
___ ball NERF
___ Mountain (Vermont ski resort) OKEMO
___ temperature (was feverish) RANA
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