How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 27 2019

'Didn't bother me at all' noprob
'Just joshin'!' ikid
'Othello' schemer iago
'That's enough out of you!' zipit
'That's my ___!' cue
'True Detective' and 'True Blood' airer hbo
'Ugh' reviews pans
'Wheels' car
'Why do you think that?' howso
'___ we finished now?' are
1' version of a 15-Across mini
1978-79 revolution site iran
404 Not Found, e.g error
A3s, A4s and A8s, in the automotive world audis
Adjoin abut
Alternative to Venmo cash
Aussies with deep pockets? roos
Balladeer bard
Beach bash luau
Beginning of a link http
Black-and-white item you can consume whole oreo
Brother of video games mario
Catherine who married Henry VIII parr
Chief law officer: Abbr attygen
Chinese path tao
Classic George Takei role sulu
Da Vinci's '___ Lisa' mona
Deutschland turndown nein
Discuss one's toilet habits, for example overshare
Drive-___ window thru
Easter basketful eggs
Gives the cold shoulder shuns
Granola bit oat
Granola ___ bar
Ground beef sandwich with Swiss cheese and caramelized onions pattymelt
Group of talking heads panel
Help the offense? abet
Homes for owls barns
Hubs foci
Institutions propped up with government support zombiebanks
Israel's Golda meir
It's over your head hat
Less than right acute
Like galoshes weather rainy
Like walnut shells hard
Lodgings inns
Matrimonial path aisle
McGregor of the 'Star Wars' prequels ewan
Mind reader psychic
Misconceptions about money ... or a loose hint to 20-, 24- and 44-Across? financialmyths
Newton who lent his name to three laws of motion isaac
One profiting through litigation, not innovation patenttroll
Orange dish yams
Poehler of 'Parks and Recreation' amy
Poke nudge
Practically nigh
Provocative comments on current events hottakes
Queen's honour, for short obe
Role in hide-and-seek searcher
Ruler of Valhalla odin
Scot's headwear tam
Ship of myth argo
Sister nun
Smooch, in Britspeak snog
Something a complainer might raise cain
Success story like Uber or Airbnb unicornstartup
To boot noless
Totally inall
Toyota debut of 1982 camry
Trips up gets
Turgenev who wrote 'Fathers and Sons' ivan
Universal Studios Japan site osaka
Verb whose past tense is formed by moving the first letter to the end eat
Walk in big boots, say clomp
West African republic ghana
When repeated, start of a cheer hip
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