How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 26 2017

'Hmm ... probably not' IDOUBTIT
'Idaho cakes,' in diner lingo HASHGREENS
'Rabbit Is Rich' Pulitzer winner UPDIKE
'Revelations' choreographer AILEY
'The Wealth of Nations' subj ECON
'Who ___ you?' ASKED
1953 hit film set in Wyoming SHANE
1970s TV cartoon series, with 'The' WHITEPANTHERSHOW
1973 #1 hit for Jim Croce BADBADLEROYRED
Actor Reeves KEANU
Actress Peet AMANDA
Animal with striped legs OKAPI
B-side of Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' REDCADILLAC
Bandleader Eubanks, familiarly KEV
Big airport inits TSA
Big name in ice cream EDYS
Big, husky sorts BRUISERS
Biggest employer in Moline, Ill DEERE
Bona fide REAL
Bowls over WOWS
Bridge position WEST
Buick model REGAL
Burned rubber SPED
Cabbage variety KOHLRABI
Cameo, for one PART
Captain of the Pequod AHAB
Chum PAL
City with a University of Texas campus TYLER
Civil rights icon John LEWIS
Comic's asset RAZORWIT
Control groups JUNTAS
Conundrum ENIGMA
Costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Batman Returns' CATSUIT
Degree in math? NTH
Delighting? OUTAGE
Delta hub, in brief ATL
Difficult conditions for sailing CALMS
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Drop-___ INS
Dystopian film of 1971 ACLOCKWORKYELLOW
Easy-to-peel fruit MANDARINRED
Epstein-___ virus BARR
European language ERSE
False start? PSEUDO
Feudal lords LIEGES
Figure skating jump LUTZ
Filmer in a stadium SKYCAM
First and last word of the Musketeers' motto ALL
Former Big Apple mayor Giuliani RUDY
French for 'sword' EPEE
Fruit tree PAPAW
Gaggle : geese :: ___ : emus MOB
German article DER
Get ready for a long drive TANKUP
GPS, e.g., in military lingo SATNAV
Harem servants, often EUNUCHS
Hathaway of 'The Intern' ANNE
Hearty soups CHOWDERS
Hit pay dirt SCORE
Hoity-toity SNOOTY
Howard of Hollywood RON
I.M. chuckle LOL
Image on the back of a dollar bill PYRAMID
Indian city whose name is an anagram of some Indian music AGRA
Interstate hauler SEMI
It may carry a virus EMAIL
It might give you a shock EEL
It's a wrap SARI
It's between the Study and Lounge on a Clue board HALL
Its state song is 'Yankee Doodle': Abbr CONN
James of NBC's 'The Blacklist' SPADER
Jolly Roger, in 'Peter Pan' BRIG
Juice brand whose middle letter is represented as a heart POM
Jury-rigged STOPGAP
Letter header DATE
Lindsay of 'Freaky Friday' LOHAN
Little Rascals' ring-eyed pooch PETEY
Lyre-plucking Muse ERATO
Martial arts move CHOP
Martin Van Buren was the first president who wasn't one WASP
Matches, at a table SEES
Mauna ___ KEA
Medicinal plant ALOE
Military decorations featuring George Washington's profile BLUEHEARTS
Missile Command maker ATARI
Monastery head's jurisdiction ABBACY
Movie review revelations PLOTS
Noodle dish RAMEN
One of the geeks on 'The Big Bang Theory' RAJ
One side in golf's Ryder Cup USA
Onetime acquisition of G.E RCA
Opera highlight ARIA
Org. that usually meets in evenings PTA
P.D. dispatch APB
Parisian palace ELYSEE
Pennsylvania's 'Gem City' ERIE
Philosopher who wrote 'To be sane in a world of madmen is in itself madness' ROUSSEAU
Planter's aid HOE
Point out NOTE
Possible subject of a French scandal AMIE
Pour, as wine DECANT
Practice mixology TENDBAR
Pull (in) REIN
Pull out SECEDE
Rank between viscount and marquess EARL
Retriever's retrieval, maybe STICK
Rice-Eccles Stadium player UTE
Rihanna album featuring 'Work' ANTI
Rushes on banks? SEDGES
Scintilla WHIT
Shade of gray STEEL
Shelley's 'To the Moon,' e.g ODE
Shipping coolant DRYICE
Shoulder muscle DELTOID
Sign of decay ODOR
Slapstick sidekick of old comedy OLLIE
Song of mourning DIRGE
South American prairie LLANO
Stammered syllables UHS
Target protector, perhaps MALLCOP
Téa of 'Madam Secretary' LEONI
Tickles AMUSES
Title creature in a 1958 #1 Sheb Wooley hit REDPEOPLEEATER
Vitamix competitor OSTER
Welcomes GREETS
What may be brewing ALES
Wild Turkey and Jim Beam RYES
Word both before and after 'to' ASHES
Words of defiance CANSO
World capital whose seal depicts St. Hallvard OSLO
Wrestler's wear SINGLET
Zen master's query KOAN
___ Bowl PRO
___ milk EWES
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