How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 26 1999

'The Thorn Birds' novelist McCullough COLLEEN
1967 Chemistry Nobelist EIGEN.
Abbr. that often precedes a colon ATTN
Agrippina's slayer NERO
Almond ECRU
Analytic psychology founder JUNG
As is fitting DULY
Ballade's trio STANZAS
Be plucky? TWEEZE
Berkshire response OINK
Boaters' relatives PANAMAS
Bow wood YEW
Buck Rogers's ladylove ___ Deering WILMA
Chow alternative PEKE
Cold war proj. SDI
Day ___ ONE
Denials NOES
Depicts unfairly SKEWS
Disarmed WONOVER
Dishonest sort SNEAK
Enthralled AGOG
Flippant response to a rebuke SOSUEME
Gymnast's need AGILITY
Had a little lamb ATE
Hardly the assertive type YESMAN
Head honcho PREXY
Helm heading ENE
Hit alternative MISS.
In conflict with, with 'of' AFOUL
Jolly Roger crewman SMEE
Kind of warrior NINJA
Like a Burnsian mouse WEE
Like some of Chekhov's writings IRONIC
Lincoln, e.g. CAR
Loan sources PAWNSHOPS
Lou's 'La Bamba' co-star ESAI
Matthew, for one APOSTLE
Meany of literature OWEN
Medevac destinations, briefly ERS
Neighbor of Turk. SYR
New shoots RETAKES
Nintendo arcade game of the 80's DONKEYKONGJR
Not dead ANIMATE
Passing things FADS
Pennsylvania resort area POCONOS
Photographic technique TIMEEXPOSURE
Places where customs are important PORTSOFENTRY
Poor Yorick was a fellow of this, said Hamlet INFINITEJEST
Pro ___ TEM
Relatives of rulers TAPELINES
Rifle supports BIPODS
Robust LUSTY.
Roosevelt Island's locale ROSSSEA
Sat tight BIDED
Smashed LIT
Study furniture DESK
Tan and others AMYS
Tasso's patron ESTE
The Eagle, e.g. LEM
Then: Fr. ALORS
They end in Septembre ETES.
Token of victory SCALP
Tolkien creatures ORCS
Triptik abbrs. RTES
Vaulted room APSE
When doubled, a dance CHA
Word before face or heart LOSE
Year in Basil II's rule MIV
Yoga posture ASANA
___ bag TOTE
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