How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 25 2019

'Affirmative' yes
'Hair' dos afros
'Holy moly!' yowza
'I guess the joke's ___' onme
'Right away!' asap
'Same here' asdoi
'Shop ___ You Drop' (old game show) til
'Wishing won't make ___' itso
'Young Frankenstein' assistant igor
'___ favor, señor' por
12 on a grandfather clock xii
After-bath powder talc
Arboretums : trees :: ___ : animals zoos
Area of a basketball court near the basket lowpost
Before, in poetry ere
Big name in newswires upi
Bird's home nest
Bit of pond growth alga
Candy that's not in-dispensable? pez
China's Mao ___-tung tse
Chutzpah nerve
Composer Satie erik
Corporate giant in a 2001 bankruptcy enron
Corvette Stingray feature ttop
Court case, e.g legalproceeding
Dental problem that braces can fix gap
Diamond head? ump
Dove's sound coo
Drink, like a cat or dog lapup
Felix's partner on 'The Odd Couple' oscar
Fleming who created James Bond ian
Food thickener agar
Gal of 'Wonder Woman' gadot
Get a grip on grasp
Gets hitched in haste elopes
Golfer's goal par
Group singing hymns choir
Habeas corpus, e.g writ
Hair-raising cry eek
Invigorating, as autumn air crisp
Kind of inspection onsite
Kind of tide ebb
Kind of tide neap
Lead-in to 'la-la' tra
Like a dangerous raccoon rabid
Like the hooves of wild horses unshod
Long-running CBS forensic series csi
Material that's spotted at a fashion show? leopardprint
Matterhorn or Mont Blanc alp
Medieval drudge serf
Mega Millions jackpot lottoprize
Mexican 'dollar' peso
Mothers, informally mammas
Mushy baby food pap
Neighbor of Croatia serbia
Old records ... or a hint for this puzzle's seven longest answers lps
Person who sponges mooch
Prefix with conservative neo
Prefix with cycle uni
Prime draft category onea
Rocket's takeoff point launchingpad
Roman moon goddess luna
San ___ (San Francisco suburb) ramon
Sketches draws
Slippery fishes eels
So-so meh
Sound from a goat maa
Speed abbr mph
Take it all off strip
Texas city on the Rio Grande elpaso
The 'A' in A.D anno
Tito Puente's specialty latinpercussion
Turkish title aga
Wall covering that's washable with soap and water latexpaint
What children should be (but not heard), they say seen
What you might use to get a grip on something vise
___ and crafts arts
___ Lingus (carrier to Dublin) aer
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