How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 25 2001

'Be right with you!' INASEC
'Don Juan DeMarco' co-star DEPP
'Earth in the Balance' author ALGORE
'I wanna!' LEMME
'Pleasant' place in a Wordsworth poem LEA
'That's it!' AHA
'The Downeaster ___' (Billy Joel song) ALEXA
'What ___!' (words of regret) ALOSS
'Whoa, boy!' EASY
'You're the ___ Care For' (1931 song) ONEI
1994 Harry Connick Jr. album SHE
2000 Stanley Cup champions DEVILS
40's-60's leader overthrown by Ne Win UNU
Abandon détente REARM
Aerobics class order STEP
Alchemists' concoctions ELIXIRS
Archrival of Affirmed ALYDAR
Bamboozled TAKENIN
Be decisive OPT
Be quiet REST
Beethoven's '___ for Winds in E flat major' OCTET
Begin to cry TEARUP
Bellini or Fellini, e.g. ITALIAN
Boosting AIDING
Bribes SOPS
Bring into accord ATTUNE
Britain's Queen ___ MUM
Brooks Robinson was one ORIOLE
Brown fur STOAT
Cardigan creators KNITTERS
Cease and desist order? STOPIT
City of Trees BOISE
Coach who co-founded the N.F.L. HALAS
Country music's Dixie Chicks, e.g. TRIO
Czech Rep. neighbor AUST
Density symbols, in physics RHOS
Dividend earner SHARE
Double Stuf products OREOS
Dugout item MITT
End of some U.R.L.'s NET
Eye site POTATO
Famous Ford EILEEN
Fancies IDEAS
Fragrant garden plants TEAROSES
From bottom ___ TOTOP
George W. Bush, for one YALIE
Get ready PREP
Gift from the congregation? PASTORPRESENT
Girl with a cat named Dinah ALICE
Graveyard shift periods, for short AMS
Half of Mork's sign-off NANU
Handled SEENTO
High spirits GAIETY
Hollywood crosser VINE
Home of Bryce Canyon UTAH
Hoodlum's time off? GOONVACATION
Hostile to ANTI
How some oxen walk ABREAST
India's ___ Jahan SHAH
Indian queen RANI
Intertwine ENLACE
Is selective SIFTS
It circles the globe TROPIC
It comes in a roll TAPE
It's been said before ECHO
Jerome Kern's '___ Song' OUR
Joined securely MORTISED
Kin of -ess or -trix ENNE
Kind of drum or trumpet EAR
Kind of line CONGA
Lawyer's roster CASELIST
Lay bare DENUDE
Leopard relative OCELOT
Life in a library BIO
Like Hermes' shoes WINGED
Like some bodies on a beach OGLED
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lots of sass? ESSES
Luanda's land ANGOLA
Many Scorpios wear them TOPAZES
Marie Claire competitor ELLE
Markets SELLS
Math functions SINES
Meander ROAM
Mincemeat need SUET
Nincompoop ASS
Nine-digit sequence ZIP
Not relaxed ONEDGE
Nut sedge, e.g. WEED
Old Fireflites and Firedomes DESOTOS
Parents REARS
Part of a chickpea plant POD
Part of an antique shop name OLDE
Partnership for Peace grp. NATO
Passbook abbr. DEP
Passenger's info, maybe ETA
Pinch pennies STINT
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Pooped SPENT
Postcard's picture, often VISTA
Profs' helpers TAS
Put a big loop in NOOSED
Put back STET
Put in the pot ANTE
Question about Nastase's intent? WOULDILIE
Raleigh, for one SIR
Relative of Mme. SRA
Review of a worsening composer? DEBUSSYSLAMER
Riccardo, in 'Un Ballo in Maschera' TENOR
Sacred: Prefix HIERO
Sainted king OLAV
Sales incentive REBATE
Secretary of State with 'Jr.' in his name HAIG
See 109-Down ANN
See 42-Across DIME
Sen. Bayh EVAN
Shades TINTS
Sitcom character with 'many loves' GILLIS
Slightly ALITTLE
Slow down RETARD
Snowman prop PIPE
Some furniture material TEAK
Sunday school dried-vegetable craft project? BEANANGEL
Tennyson poem MAUD
The Kremlin's closet space? PUTINSTORAGE
Time to prepare EVE
Tony winner Rivera CHITA
Tuna ___ MELT
Turkish leader Atatürk KEMAL
Vespers preceder NONES
What a bad lead-off hitter frequently produces? ONEOUTOFTEN
What a Peeping Tom may do PEERIN
What the state gambling board might do to increase sales? HAVEALOTTOOFFER
White's opposite YOLK
With 118-Down, a Massachusetts locale CAPE
With 39-Across, way to stop ONA
Work for Volkswagen, perhaps? MAKEAPASSAT
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