How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 22 2009

'... then again, I could be wrong' ORNOT
'A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a ___; what else does a man need to be happy?': Albert Einstein VIOLIN
'Alas ...' SADLY
'At-ten-SHUN!,' e.g. ORDER
'Bah!' FIE
'Full House' actress Loughlin LORI
'On the Beach' author SHUTE
'Quo vadis?' speaker PETER
'Son of Frankenstein' role YGOR
'Su-u-ure' IBET
'x' in an equation VALUE
'Zoom-zoom' sloganeer MAZDA
'___ Care of Business' (1974 hit) TAKIN
'___ the Sons' (Gay Talese best seller) UNTO
24 of them = 100%: Abbr. KTS
Accept responsibility OWNUP
After-Christmas sale shoppers, e.g. MOBS
Alibi ___ (Ring Lardner character) IKE
Author Asquith of children's books ROS
Balkan native SERB
Based on ___ story ATRUE
Basic cooking instruction HEAT
Big A.T.M. maker NCR
Big name in real estate CENTURYTWENTYONE
Brave activity BASEBALL
Bygone party attire ZOOTSUITS
Certain m.p.g. rating: Abbr. HWY
Cheeky PERT
Christian of the cloth? DIOR
Classic name in chain restaurants PIZZERIAUNO
Conflict of 1973 YOMKIPPURWAR
Corps veterans EXMARINES
Desert in the Southwest YUMA
Designer Miller NICOLE
Dull, hollow sound CLONK
Easily beat all the competition DOMINATE
Energy source STEAM
English poet laureate Henry PYE
Eponymous Dr. Alzheimer ALOIS
Évian and others EAUX
Eye affliction STYE
Fair-haired TOWHEADED
Fancy salad ingredients ARTICHOKEHEARTS
Feeling no pain NUMB
Fjord, for example INLET
Flowering shrub SPIREA
French beverage THE
Fünf minus vier EINS
Get ready to take off TAXI
Go on and on PRATE
Gray side REBS
Green-eyed monster ENVY
H.S. class ENG
Harried RODE
Having only the forepart visible, as a beast in heraldry ISSUANT
Help desk sign ASKME
Hirohito's title: Abbr. EMP
Historian's Muse CLIO
Home of Mondrian's 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' MOMA
Home of St. Catherine SIENA
In Sicily it's about 10,920 ft. high MTETNA
It may be fine or fine art PRINT
Juan's 'those' ESAS
Killer ___ APP
Like some petticoats LACY
Like, with 'to' ANALOGOUS
Los Angeles's ___-Sinai Medical Center CEDARS
Made more attractive? MAGNETIZED
Man with cups and pieces REESE
Manuscript marks noting possible errors OBELI
Mechanical ROTE
Michelangelo's David, e.g. NUDE
Montréal-___ International Airport MIRABEL
Munic. official ALD
Nashville 11 TITANS
Often-anonymous intimidation technique HATEMAIL
Old Italian bread LIRA
One with prier engagements? CROWBAR
Ones working on columns, for short CPAS
Origin SEED
Painful prod REDHOTPOKER
Papier-___ MACHE
Part of a family SPECIES
Part of an academic address EDU
Peace Nobelist from South Africa TUTU
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Petty MERE
Pianist José ITURBI
Princess of literature OZMA
Pro ___ TEM
Protrude JUT
Quark/antiquark pairs MESONS
Raise hell ACTUP
Rear of a galley STERN
Rear-___ ENDER
River separating continents URAL
Rogen of 'Knocked Up' SETH
Ron of 'Tarzan' ELY
Sacred Hindu text VEDA
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Scratches (out) EKES
Second, e.g. UNIT
See 84-Down THIS
Showcase Showdown prize, perhaps DINETTESET
Showed disdain, in a way SPAT
Shows in a theater SCREENS
Singular LONE
Singular praise? KUDO
Sodium hydroxide, chemically NAOH
Sometimes-satin items of apparel OBIS
Speakeasy supply BATHTUBGIN
Spinning AREEL
Squishy stuff OOZE
Star of 1950s TV's 'The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin' LEEAAKER
Stripe SORT
Subject of a nursery rhyme that has only eight different words LONDONBRIDGE
Symphony, e.g. OPUS
They're often scheduled at noon DUELS
This is a test EXAM
Thomas Hardy's ___ Heath EGDON
Traveler's alternative to 47-Across LGA
Traveler's alternative to 90-Down JFK
Turned on the waterworks WEPT
Typeface imitative of handwriting RONDE
Untagged, in tag NOTIT
Untouchable, say TMAN
Wearing a long dress and a collar buttoned to the top, maybe PRIM
Where 51-Down was martyred ROME
With 62-Across, comic's challenge TOP
Words of explanation IDEST
Young woman, old-style DAMOZEL
___ double life LEADA
___ nerve (funny bone tingler) ULNAR
___ Nurmi, the Flying Finn PAAVO
___ Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead THOM
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