How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 21 2019

'ER' role for Paul McCrane drromano
'Ratatouille' rat remy
1% alternative skim
1982 movie starring Julie Andrews victor/victoria
1986 #1 Starship hit with the lyric 'I'll never find another girl like you' sara
1997 movie starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage face/off
2008 movie starring Michael Sheen and Frank Langella frost/nixon
8:00-9:00 p.m. in prime time, e.g slot
A long way off afar
Annual Austin festival, for short sxsw
Collegiate basketball competition, for short nit
Colorful circles areolae
Common sign-off xoxo
Deduce infer
Dictator deposed in 1979 amin
Down in the dumps glum
Draw attract
Elicited with difficulty teasedout
Figure, as a sum totup
Food truck offering, maybe taco
Formerly nee
Go down, in a way wane
Good earth loess
Happening after doors open on Black Friday maddash
Helpful people to know ins
Hit CBS series with three spinoffs csi
Holder of many cones retina
Information on a ticket price
It ended during the Napoleonic Wars: Abbr hre
It may be read to the rowdy riotact
Its second ed. contains about 59 million words oed
Japanese floor mat tatami
Jazzes (up) spices
Kind of switch ac/dc
Knock down demote
Label owned by Sony Music rca
Light on one's feet agile
Like butterscotch orange
Like many A.T.M.s nofee
Like many pipes nowadays leadfree
Like many radios am/fm
Like Natalie Portman, by birth israeli
Like some cuisines ethnic
Line on a leaf vein
List shortcut etal
Many a university donor, informally alum
Miss the mark err
Money holder clip
More eccentric dottier
Movie with graphic violence ... or what 17-Across, 22-Down or 39-Down each is? slasherfilm
Parenthesized comments asides
Primetime ___ emmy
River draining 11 countries nile
Ronan of 'Lady Bird' saoirse
Run, old-style hie
Shapiro of public radio ari
Sheet music abbr arr
Skeletons in the closet, so to speak pasts
Some board game equipment timers
Some mortgage adjustments, in brief refis
Soothing succulents aloes
Source of the word 'kiwi' maori
Souvenir shop purchases tees
Spill the ___ (dish out gossip) tea
Swampland, e.g mire
Swimmer Ian who won three gold medals in the 2000 Olympics thorpe
Third-person pronoun he/she
Tighten (up) tense
To be, overseas etre
Triple ___ sec
Warning sign redflag
Western Conference player, informally mav
World AIDS Day mo dec
___ nut kola
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