How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 21 1999

'Happy Days' character MALPH
'Hold up!' WHOA
'It's ___!' (thumbs-up reply) AGO
'Phooey!' DRAT
'Psycho' co-star LEIGH
'Rent-___' (1988 flick) ACOP
'Star Wars' princess LEIA
'___ Easy' (1977 hit) ITSSO
'___ Smile' (1976 hit) SARA
1950's British P.M. EDEN
Actor Calhoun RORY
Actress Carrere TIA
Adolescent nickname SIS
Angling equipment LURES
Archbishop of New York, 1968-83 COOKE
Artist Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
At the home of CHEZ
Badgers NAGS
Bakery attractions AROMAS
Barbara, familiarly BABS
Battleships and war, e.g. GAMES
Beehive State athlete UTE
Begin a plant relocation UNPOT
Black fly GNAT
Blessed side dish with hot dogs? BOONBAKEDBEANS
Bookmark alternative DOGSEAR
Boys of song LADDIES
Brittle, say CANDY
Calculus pioneer EULER
Cantankerous oldsters BUZZARDS
Cattle in a cattle drive HEAD
Ceiling LID
Certain celeb news shows ETS
Chew (out) BAWL
Chili con carne ingredient CAYENNE
Circular ___ SAW
Classic card game UNO
Cleaner's challenge SPOT
Cleaner's challenge SPOT.
Color of le ciel BLEU
Cool cat DADDYO
Cousin of Mlle. SRTA
Critic at Cape Canaveral? ROCKETBOOER
Detective's need LEAD
Dough for pizza LIRA
Dreamland UTOPIA
Egrets and such WADERS
Emmy-winning Thompson SADA
Ethnic New Year celebration TET
Expiration FINIS
Express PHRASE
Famous landing point ARARAT
Fast-food inits. KFC
Fencing action LUNGE
Flummox PUZZLE
French beverages LAITS
Garden beauty IRIS
German industrial family KRUPPS
Hellenic letters ETAS
Homes for struggling artists GARRETS
Hospital caution QUIET
Hostage situations DRAMAS
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Jackie's second ARI
John LAV
Keystone, e.g.: Var. LYNCHPIN
Kind of vows MARITAL
Like one debate side FOR
Like some cigars CUBAN
Like some defensive basketball players INAZONE
Like the beasts on Noah's boat after 40 days and 40 nights? ARKRAVINGMAD
Lines on sonar screens RADII
Lummoxes LOUTS
Modern notifications BEEPS
Money derived from an old union ALIMONY
Musical London JULIE
Mysterious QUEER
N.F.L. coach Jim MORA
Natives of Mork's home planet ORKANS
New Testament king HEROD
O. J. Simpson as a bard? POETICJUICE
One of the Pirates of Penzance SAMUEL
Packing a wallop POTENT
Palooka GALOOT
Part of a school LIBRARY
Parts that are thrown away RINDS
Past: Fr. SONNE
Patent medicines, supposedly CUREALLS
Pavement caution in California SLO
Persian Gulf port DUBAI
Photo marrer SMUDGE
Physician at home where the buffalo roam? DRRANGELOVE
Pond denizen EIDER
Portuguese king, 1861-89 LUIZ
Portuguese king, 1861-89 LUIZ.
Pounding parts PEENS
Prepare TRAIN
Provisions in Hell? DEMONRATIONS
Putterers AMATEURS
Racer Andretti MARIO
Ready for harvest MATURE
Register ENROL
Related on one's mother's side ENATE
Rocketeers SPACEMEN
Roost, so to speak DWELL
Round units BEERS
Roused WAKED
Satisfying sounds CHORDS
See 62-Down GEORGIA
See 92-Across LTS
Sends packing BOOTS
Shakespeare's Duke of ___ SOMERSET
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sinn ___ FEIN
Site of a helix and antihelix EAR
Smith or Taylor LIZ
Some froufrou LACE
Submarine-launched missile POLARIS
Subordinates of 99-Down SGTS
Sushi offering EEL
T.L.C. givers RNS
Takeoff place? SPA
The 'O' of Cheerios OAT
Tot's hair-setting equipment? BABYROLLERS
Treasure on the Spanish Main ORO
Twelve ___ OAKS
University in Worcester, Mass. CLARK
Uruguay, for one RIO
Wine from Verona SOAVE
With 80-Down, peach center MACON
Woods critter COON
___ impasse ATAN
___ king ALA
___ Noël PERE
___-fi SCI
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