How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 16 2016

'Bon' time in France SOIR
'Get outta here!' BEATIT
'Get outta here!' SCAT
'Not in a million years!' NEVER
'Who ___?' ELSE
1970 #1 Jackson 5 song ILLBETHERE
Actress Bassett of 'Olympus Has Fallen' ANGELA
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Bad grades EFFS
Be made up (of) CONSIST
Before, old-style ERE
Big kiss SMACK
Bird's beak NEB
Book you can't put down PAGETURNER
Bowler's target PIN
Brand of kitchenware OXO
Bumped off ICED
Business losses, informally REDINK
Cancels VOIDS
Certain protozoan AMOEBA
Chicago's ___ Center AON
Chili ingredient STEWEDTOMATOES
Close ___ (approach) INON
Critical time DDAY
Cry made with a head slap DOH
Dean's lists, e.g HONORROLLS
Dot-com's address URL
Fish said to be named for a Mediterranean island SARDINE
Food in a tongue-twister PICKLEDPEPPERS
For each PER
Fraternity letter PHI
Gillette brand ATRA
Hard-to-hum, in a way ATONAL
Hi-fi supply LPS
Hockey speedster Bobby ORR
Icky stuff GOO
Kind of blockade NAVAL
Laughing matter JOKE
Leave in stitches SLAY
Martini's partner in winemaking ROSSI
More hideous UGLIER
News anchor David MUIR
One-third of tres UNO
Online site for business reviews YELP
Pan coating TEFLON
Paris's ___ Airport ORLY
Preparer of 17-, 27- and 47-Across? DRUNKENCOOK
Reel holder ROD
Ruckus ADO
SeaWorld whale SHAMU
See 61-Across WAY
Serving with liver FRIEDONIONS
Sharp dresser FOP
Skating feat AXEL
Some crossword clues PUNS
Speeders' comeuppances: Abbr TKTS
Subway, basically TUNNEL
Take a time out? NAP
Tennessee athlete, informally VOL
Thanksgiving ___ EVE
That, in Spanish ESA
The Jazz, on scoreboards UTA
Tiny bit IOTA
Title hero of a Longfellow poem PAULREVERE
TV's '___: Cyber' CSI
Upstate New York city where Mark Twain was born ELMIRA
Where sacrifices may be made ALTARS
Wild side of a split personality MRHYDE
With 48-Down, kind of street ONE
Word often wrongly apostrophized ITS
___ alai JAI
___ Croft, 'Tomb Raider' role LARA
___ State KENT
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