How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 11 2008

'Bearded' bloom IRIS
'Disgusting!' UGH
'Go, team!' screamer FAN
'Hurry!' ASAP
'I agree completely' SOTRUE
'Love and Marriage' lyricist Sammy CAHN
'___ a deal!' SUCH
'___ bin ein Berliner' ICH
24/7 auction site EBAY
A dwarf planet, now PLUTO
A lot of a car valet's income TIPS
Attack with rocks STONE
Attack, as with eggs PELT
Ballpark worker USHER
Bearded grazer GNU
Bite-size appetizer TAPA
Boston suburb LYNN
Buttonless shirts, informally TEES
Captain Hook's henchman SMEE
Captain Queeg's creator WOUK
China's Lao-___ TSE
Come after ENSUE
Cook in a wok, maybe SAUTE
Dark ___ AGES
Diving bird AUK
Elegance LUXE
Eliot of the Untouchables NESS
Exotic jelly flavor GUAVA
Flub ERR
Follows orders OBEYS
Forum greetings AVES
Frolics ROMPS
Garbage WASTE
Get all steamy FOGUP
Gift of the Magi MYRRH
Hellenic H's ETAS
Hobby knife brand XACTO
In ___ (actually) ESSE
Intergalactic traveler ALIEN
Job openings SLOTS
Key in ENTER
Like a bad dirt road RUTTY
Makes use of AVAILS
March plaything KITE
Masked scavengers RACCOONS
Nascar airer ESPN
Natural emollient ALOE
Neuter, as a horse GELD
Not suitable UNAPT
One Time? ISSUE
Opposite of express LOCAL
PC whiz TECH
Regarding ASTO
San ___, Italy REMO
Sapphic verses ODES
Scrabble pieces TILES
Screwy WACKO
Shakespeare's Sir ___ Belch TOBY
Springing bounce in tall grasses, as by an animal, to view the surroundings SPYHOP
Start of a play to the quarterback SNAP
Steer clear of AVOID
Storyline PLOT
Stuffed mouse, maybe CATTOY
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Tom Jones's '___ a Lady' SHES
Walk of Fame embedment STAR
Waterborne youth group member SEASCOUT
Where to tie the knot ALTAR
Whistle-blowers EXPOSERS
Year-end temp SANTA
___ shui FENG
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