How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 10 2003

'Keep going!' HANGINTHERE
'Keep going!' STAYWITHIT
'Keep going!' DONTGIVEUP
'Keep going!' NEVERSAYDIE
'M*A*S*H' role HAWKEYE
'The Sopranos' network HBO
'___ of Eden' EAST
'___ we meet again' UNTIL
Aardvarks' morsels ANTS
Angry, with 'up' LATHERED
Armbone ULNA
Brandish WIELD
Building wing ELL
By way of VIA
Center of the eye IRIS
Choir voice ALTO
Comedian King ALAN
Dates on a track team schedule MEETS
Diamond-shaped pattern ARGYLE
Dicker over a price, say HAGGLE
Door holders HASPS
Durante's famous feature NOSE
Elderly AGED
Eurasia's ___ Mountains URAL
Fishing line holder REEL
Folk rocker DiFranco ANI
Follows OBEYS
Foreman KO'er, 1974 ALI
Fork part TINE
Gangsters' guns GATS
Garbed CLAD
Garlic unit CLOVE
General Mills breakfast cereal TOTAL
Gifts to the poor ALMS
Granny NANA
Guide LEAD
Hanks or Brokaw TOM
Home planet EARTH
Icy pellets HAIL
Janet in the Clinton White House RENO
Jim-dandy AONE
Midget's opposite GIANT
North Carolina's capital RALEIGH
Not busy IDLE
O'Neill's '___ Christie' ANNA
Oneness UNITY
Pie topping MERINGUE
Popeye's gal OLIVE
Practiced before playing WARMEDUP
Prefix with scope or photo TELE
Pudding and pie DESSERTS
Question with an easy answer GIMME
Retired Italian money LIRE
Run (into) BUMP
Scrabble piece TILE
Season for carols NOEL
Shindig PARTY
Simon or Diamond NEIL
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Skirt lines HEMS
Slight colors TINTS
Spanish cheer OLE
Spy Mata ___ HARI
Squiggly swimmers EELS
Stadium sounds RAHS
Supermarket section DELI
Swear to AVER
Takes an apartment RENTS
Tiresome ones BORES
Unlocks, poetically OPES
Unwanted engine sound PING
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Wander ROAM
Wide-eyed AGOG
Your, in the Bible THY
___-inflammatory ANTI
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