How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 09 2003

'Exodus' protagonist ARI
'Get it?' SEE
'Hamlet' setting ELSINORE
'I understand' ROGER
'It's a Wonderful Life' role CLARENCE
'___ not fight' LETS
15-ball cluster RACK
1960's refugee haven MIAMI
1965 book by Sylvia Plath ARIEL
Again and again? TRIPLY
Alarm bell TOCSIN
Alaska Peninsula native ALEUT
Angry outburst DAMN
Appropriate STEAL
Arctic cover ICESHEET
Back again REBORN
Bad looks LEERS
Befuddled ATSEA
Blocks BARS
Camelhair color TAN
Captain's org. USN
Carefree outing LARK
Careful study of an old record collection? VINYLANALYSIS
Climax ACME
Common consent NOD
Commonly ALOT
Complete, informally THORO
Dance with a sliding step MERENGUE
Department store founder MACY
Depend (on) RELY
Dilutes THINS
Director Lumet SIDNEY
Dismaying realization at a bank that's just been robbed? NOVAULTINSURANCE
Doubly disgusting? RANKANDVILE
Ending with fool or ghoul ISH
Europe's longest river VOLGA
Express letters? ASAP
First elected member at Cooperstown TYCOBB
Fruits of one's labor REWARDS
Gave one's seat to, say MOONED
Going-away request WRITE
Grimm child GRETEL
Group with the 1997 #1 hit 'MMMBop' HANSON
Habitual drunkard ROUNDER
Hard-wired INNATE
Helper CUE
High flier SST
Indignation IRE
Ingredient in skin moisturizers GLYCEROL
It may require several drafts GLIDER
It's a relief ONLAY
It's in the spring WATER
It's silent in honor AITCH
James of 'The Godfather' CAAN
Japanese leader Hirobumi ___ ITO
Kennedy posting: Abbr. ETA
Kickoff need TEE
Korean money WON
Largest of seven ASIA
Lemony, e.g. TART
Like some job training ONSITE
Low-___ TAR
Lymphocyte found in marrow BCELL
Make known AIR
Middle-schooler, maybe TEEN
Midsized Oldsmobiles ALEROS
Mighty long time EON
Minimum MEREST
Minuscule amount IOTA
Moreover TOO
Naught NIL
Nice place EDEN
No longer take it REVOLT
Noblemen SIRS
Not moving ATREST
Of interest to collectors, say RARE
Oil of ___ OLAY
One might get caught in it LIE
One with a cause ACTIVIST
Ones getting socked? TOES
Oscar winner for 'A Fish Called Wanda' KLINE
Out of sorts PEEVED
Overhead light? SUN
Overthrower of Kerensky LENIN
Papal indulgences? HOLYWAIVERS
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYST
Part of many airport names: Abbr. INTL
Petroleum source SHALE
Pillow filler EIDER
Pleasantly small SNUG
Point at the bottom CLEAT
Prior to ERE
Pro or con SIDE
Promise, e.g. OLEO
Promising ROSY
Properly DULY
Remington or Browning? WINCHESTERRIVAL
Result of beer sellers sampling their own wares? VENDORBENDERS
Sacred texts TORAHS
Scent containers VIALS
Scottish vacation spots LOCHS
Seek aid from TURNTO
Sending an S O S, maybe RADIOING
Shield from the elements TARP
Snorkeling site REEF
Society's dregs SCUM
Sounds on a Peter, Paul & Mary album? TRIVOCALS
Southeastern Conference powerhouse ARKANSAS
Sow sounds OINKS
Struggles VIES
Suffix with election EER
Swenson of 'Benson' INGA
Swing around SLUE
Tel ___ AVIV
Tex-Mex order TACO
Theol. school SEM
They're not pretty EYESORES
Tries not to meet AVOIDS
Valley of vintners NAPA
Votes in ELECTS
War hero ACE
Was extremely tall? STOODVAST
Way to one's heart VEIN
What a meditative ditchdigger might get? LOSTINTHESHOVEL
When a football game breaks ATTHEHALF
When D.S.T. ends OCT
Where 'The Fugitive' aired in the 1960's ABC
Where to shelve Bibles in the bookstore? REVERENCESECTION
Wickedness EVIL
Work units ERGS
Wormer, say VET
Yeats's work POESY
___ Lund ILSA
___ Park, Colo. ESTES
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