How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 09 1997

'Blue River' actress, 1995 DEY
'Dallas' co-star HAGMAN
'Phooey!' BAH
'We Do Our Part' org. NRA
'What's with ___?' HER
'___ Playing Our Song' (1979 song) THEYRE
1932 skiing gold medalist Utterstrom SVEN
1936 Loretta Young title role RAMONA
8-Down sound HAHA
A la King? CREEPY
A Saarinen EERO
Addams portrayer, in film JIA
Agamemnon's sister-in-law HELEN
Allan-___ ADALE
And the following: Lat. ETSEQ
Antique sale listing HANDMADARPET
Approaching ALMOST
Assignation TRYST
Barber of renown RED
Beat it SCRAM
Beauts ONERS
Became unglued LOSTIT
Bing Crosby's record label DCA
Blackmore heroine LORNA
Blue-green TEAL
Boxcars TWELVE
Branched RAMOSE
Calyx components SALS
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Churchill Downs drink MINTJEP
Class division ORDER
Claustrophobe's nightmare, for short MRI
Clear RID
Collectible, maybe RARITY.
Commandment subjects TABOOS
Concerns WORRIES
Continue to the end PLAYOUT
Crow's home TEEPEE
Dallas Cowboy's emblem STAR
Deli necessity SLICER
Deposit PLACE
Dessert wine SAUTERNE
Dog on 'Frasier' EDDIE
Downyflake rival EGGO
Early arrival PREEMIE
Earned a citation? SPED
Ensemble part OBOE
Existential woe ANGST
Feverish FRILE
Fine fur ERMINE
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First name in society IVANA.
Flushing stadium SHEA
Former org. of the Pacers and the Spurs ABA
Founder of New York's Public Theater PAPP
Frostiness NIP
Fruit pastry AICOTTART
G.I.'s suppliers PXS
Gave off, as vapor EXHALED
Graft recipient HOST
Great Western Forum player LAKER
Guard of myth DRAGON
Hardly enthusiastic TEPID
Head for the ranch? STEER
Heavenly gift MANNA
Heebie-jeebies JGLEDNERVES
Heiress, maybe DAHTER
Held on the stage ANNA
Home of the Riksdag SWEDEN
Hydrocarbon suffixes ENES
Iconoclastic comedian SAHL
Individual share ANTE
Indy racer Guthrie JET
Interim rulers JTA
It circles Uranus OBERON
It's a scorcher IRON
Itches YENS
Kind of footing PUSSY.
Kind of suit UNION
La Mediterranee, e.g. MER
Lab specimens SWABS
Largest land carnivore BEAR
Last item SHOE
Leaf gatherer EAVE
Less ruddy PALER
Like good computer screens, informally HIRES
Like some skits CAMPY
Liturgy RITE
Loyalist TORY
Lunch counter request HOLDTHEMO
Lure of New Orleans CAJCOOKING
Lure of New Orleans MDIGRAS
Make squiggles DOODLE
Monitor PROOR
Monk, maybe EREMITE
Morrison and others TONIS
Mother of 41-Across LEDA
Motor oil additives STPS
New York nosh KNISH
Not yet scheduled UNSET
Odysseus, e.g. ITHACAN
Onetime SAC chief and family LEMS
Org. founded in 1970 EPA
Parsley's pungent relative DILL
Part of 'the works' ONION
Part of the Winnebago nation OTOE
Parts of pedigrees SIRES
Philodendron, e.g. HOUSLANT
Pineapple island LANAI
Pizarro's capital LIMA
Place to put a tiger? GASTANK
Practice WONT
Prides of lions MANES
Principle TENET
Prized game fish MLIN
Produced no more RANDRY
Put on a show EMOTED
Reason for an R rating SEX
Reassure SOOTHE
Reference marks OBELI
Sailor's cry MANERBOARD
Sandhurst send-offs TATAS
Sauce made with pine nuts PESTO
Second person in the Bible THEE
Senator succeeded by Cleland NUNN
Single-named 60's singer DONAN
Site of a famous campanile PISA
Slump SAG
Some are restricted AREAS
Sound of reproach TSK
South Africa's first P.M. BOTHA
Spoils, with 'on' DOTES
Sponge CADGE
Stalemate TIE
Start of a Faulkner title ASI
Steelhead, e.g. TROUT
Stuffing seasoning SAGE
Stumped ATSEA
Subject of monthly reading METER
Take the wrong way? STEAL
Tense EDGY
The Rome of Hungary EGER
Think a lot of ADORE
Trembling QUAVERY
Truth, to Trotsky PRAVDA
Tunnel traveler ANT
TV family name CLEAVER
Two-time U.S. Open winner SELES
Vegetarian's staple BEANS
Virus type RNA
Western copper center BUTTE
Westernizer of Russia PETER
Where Mocha is YEMEN
With aloof disdain ICILY
Women's casual slacks CAIS
Wood sorrels OCAS
Zane and Lady Jane GREYS
___ Bridge, St. Louis EADS
___ probandi ONUS
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