How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 04 2019

'Begone!' shoo
'Blemished' fruit ugli
'Bother you at all?' isthatok
'Brilliant, dude!' rad
'But still ...' evenso
Baby sheep lamb
Bach masterpiece, informally bminormass
Backstreet Boys member ____ Dorough howie
Bad actors hams
Bad blood hate
Badminton do-overs lets
Baffled exclamations gees
Bakery item with fruit tart
Ballot listing slate
Balsam ___ (tree) fir
Ban alcoholic beverages godry
Bar mitzvah dance hora
Barbershop quartet voice tenor
Barrett of gossip rona
Baseball's Gehrig lou
Battery's + and - poles
Battle god for the Greeks ares
Bayer brand aleve
Bear in a hit 2012 comedy ted
Beast of the Himalayas yeti
Beat badly whomp
Beaujolais and other wines reds
Beauty mark mole
Bed of roses, so to speak ease
Beer ___ (frat party item) bong
Benadryl might treat them beestings
Besmear, as a canvas daub
Bestows 10%, say, in church tithes
Betting strategy that reduces risk hedge
Betty White co-star on 'The Golden Girls' beaarthur
Between ports asea
Biblical father of Jacob isaac
Big workers' group aflcio
Bill Clinton vis-à-vis Georgetown and 54-Down alum
Bills with George Washington's face ones
Bingo card's middle square free
Birthday cake part layer
Bit of advice to the insecure beyourself
Bit of color tinge
Blitz onrush
Blocked, as sound muted
Blurt out, perhaps utter
Boaters' implements oars
Boise's state idaho
Bolo ___ (Western wear) tie
Bomb architect Enrico fermi
Boozed up tipsy
Border edge
Border mountain between Europe and Asia ural
Borgnine's 'big' role in 'From Here to Eternity' fatso
Bother miff
Brainiac in a certain high school competition mathlete
Brainstorm idea
Brand of chocolate nestle
Brand-new-looking redone
Bread in Southern cuisine pone
Break audibly snap
Breathe rapidly pant
Brecht contemporary in German literature hesse
Brief announcements from pilots? etas
Bring to anger rile
British city after which the Big Apple is named york
Brooding sorts loners
Brooklyn-born Supreme Court justice ginsburg
Brought out to show, informally demoed
Buffalo's lake erie
Bulldogs' school in the Ivy League yale
Bundle up wrap
Bustle ado
Buy the farm, so to speak passaway
Buyer of drugs, e.g user
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