How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 03 2002

'Hogwash!' LIES
'I've said ___ thousand times ...' ITA
'Les nuits d'___' ETE
'On the Town' characters SAILORS
'On the Town' performer SINATRA
'That was close!' PHEW
'The Sound of Music' family name TRAPP
A Simpson sister LISA
Actress Sedgwick KYRA
Affirm SWEAR
Agrees (with) SEESEYETYE
Albéniz's 'Cantos de ___' ESPANA
Ancient greetings AVES
Arctic explorer John RAE
Bailiwick AREA
Bar decoration STEIN
Beach sights SURFERS
Beat, as the competition ACEOUT
Bloom shaped like a 43-Across ASTER
Botticelli's 'The Birth of ___' VENUS
Bouquet parts MUMS
Building composition, maybe LEGOS
Cat-o'-nine-tails feature APOSTROPHE
Channels SENDS
Chest thumper APE
Chilled garnishes ASPICS
Clock sound TKTOCK
Common carriers ATTHECASES
Cooks, as leftovers REHEATS
Cries heard around baby pictures AWS
Cry of a person with a hammer SOLD
D.C. insider POL
Dances energetically SALSAS
Dawber of 'Mork & Mindy' PAM
Desertlike SERE
E.R. skill CPR
Earthlink competitor AOL
Emmy winner Falco EDIE
Expert ending? ISE
Fall shade RUST
Fashion MODE
Fashion STYLE
Fastballs SMOKERS
Final: Abbr. ULT
Fine jacket materials SUEDES
Fire work ARSON
Florida destination for some snowbirds WINTERPARK
Foolish INANE
Game-winning cry TTT
Get the picture CATCHON
Gets a whole new view of REASSESSES
Gets smart WISESUP
Govt. construction overseer GSA
Groundbreaking manufacturer? DEERE
Height TOR
Hosp. figures MDS
Igneous rock DIORITE
Impale SPEAR
Initial bit of progress THOLD
Intensify DEEPEN
It may rise and fall during a speech ADAMSAPPLE
Its borders are French and Swiss LAKEGENEVA
Just knew SENSED
Kind of plane ASTRAL
Lao-___ TSE
Latin I word ESSE
Letters at sea HMS
Library section STKS
London-to-Dover dir. ESE
Look ___ INON
Lott of Washington TRENT
Magnetic induction units TESLAS
Make secret ENCODE
Modern gas pump notice PREPAY
Morsel ORT
Most bohemian ARTIEST
New citizen, perhaps EMIGRE
New York's Jacob ___ Park RIIS
Not go boldly TIPT
Octopuslike TENTLED
Olympian Yamaguchi KRISTI
Opposite of bien MAL
Optimistic gestures VSIGNS
Oriole's home ELM
Packing a punch POTENT
Packing crew CANNERS
Passes to Verdi OPERATKETS
Pastry paste base GUAVA
Places with rocking chairs PARLORS
Prefix with -derm ECTO
Pres. appointee SECY
React to Ricky Martin, say SWOON
Romance, perhaps TALE
Sake go-with SUSHI
San Antonio team SPURS
See 55-Across STAR
Shortcut, perhaps SIDESTREET
Sierra ___ LEONE
Skye writing ERSE
Smudge SOIL
Some Christmas decorations MISTLETS
Some sorority women DELTAS
Soul's Lattisaw who sang 'Let Me Be Your Angel' STY
Sound at a fish fry SSS
State since 1864: Abbr. NEV
Swing site TEE
Tax prep. expert CPA
The Met's 'Hunt of the Unicorn' and others TAPESTRIES
These, to Juan ESTOS
They're nuts PISTHIOS
This is the end RUMP
This may never get off the ground EMU
Threshing tool FLAIL
Tina's ex IKE
Traditional bodies of knowledge LORES
Trellis LATTE
TV's Magnum and others PIS
U.S. president, at times VETR
Under a microscope STUDIED
Vexes IRKS
W. E. B. Du Bois was one of its founders NAACP
What 7-Up isn't COLA
Zaire's Mobutu ___ Seko SESE
___ Bo (exercise system) TAE
___ crossroads ATA
___ green PEA
___ salts EPSOM
___-European INDO
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