How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 25 1998

'L.A. Law' actor, literally WOODBLAIR
'The Sound of Music' backdrop ALPS
'___ Frome' ETHAN
'___ It Romantic?' ISNT
1936 Cole Porter song, literally MYSKINIVEGOTYOU
1945 meeting site YALTA
1990's sitcom, literally FIREGRACE
Actor Wallach ELI
Actress Gardner AVA
African fly TSETSE
Atlas section ASIA
Bard's stream AVON
Bearded DARED
Big tear RENT
Bill attachment RIDER
Book classification RARE
Bootlicking OILY
Boss Tweed's nemesis NAST
Cartoonist Drake STAN
Cathy ___, 'East of Eden' wife AMES
Cigar feature AROMA
Clark's partner LEWIS
Coastal flier ERNE
Custodian's need KEYS
Dash in the kitchen SALT
Diminish EBB
Dionysus attendant SATYR
Door word PUSH
Elle's elles MODELS
Frank Lloyd Wright's ___ House ROBIE
Game-ending declaration GIN
Get ___ trouble INTO
Gold Glove winner, 1957-68 MAYS
Golfer Sandy LYLE
Hindu's loin cloth DHOTI
Hoodlum THUG
Indefatigable TIRELESS
Italian moola LIRA
Kind of battery SOLAR
Kind of bomb ATOM
Kind of rug SISAL
Leg up EDGE
Like many breakfast cereals SWEETENED
Like prizewinning handwriting NEATEST
Mother ___ LODE
Night of celebration EVE
Ninnies GEESE
Observes OBEYS.
One of the Barrymores ETHEL
Opposed AVERSE
Out-of-favor apple treatment ALAR
Outlet STORE
Page of math problems, say HOMEWORK
Patron saint of France DENIS
Person standing in a row HOER
Photography pioneer EASTMAN
Reagan Secretary of State HAIG
Riddler's challenge GUESS
Sammy Kaye's '___ Tomorrow' UNTIL
Scene VIEW
Ship-related: Abbr. NAUT
Singer whose life was made into a 1980 hit play PIAF
Small brook RILL
Terre's counterpart MER
Theater award OBIE
There are five in a shilling PENCE
Turn in the right direction ORIENT
Unnamed alternative ELSE
Villain's doing DIRTYWORK
Visionary IDEALIST
Wee hour ONE
White heron EGRET
Word said with vigorous nodding AMEN
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