How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 18 2014

'God is the perfect ___': Browning POET
'It could happen' POSSIBLY
'___ problem!' NOTA
1974 Mocedades hit whose English version is titled 'Touch the Wind' ERESTU
2001 best seller about competitive Scrabble WORDFREAK
A.C.L.U. part: Abbr AMER
Abbr. before a founding date ESTD
Alternative to 'x,' in math DOT
Author Levin IRA
Balloon's undoing PRICK
Barcelona's Joan ___ Foundation MIRO
Baseball part SEAM
Bindle toters HOBOS
Black-bordered news item OBIT
Bridal path AISLE
Car that may have a bar LIMO
Checkout procedures SCANS
Column style IONIC
Courtroom team: Abbr ATTS
Cousins of rhododendrons AZALEAS
Cracker topper PATE
Editor's override STET
Fare that may be rolled OATS
Fathoms GETS
Feather in one's cap PLUME
Financial resources MEANS
Former Air France fleet members, for short SSTS
Fruity soda brand FANTA
Full, and then some SATED
Fun house noises SHRIEKS
Guinness word MOST
Help in crime ABET
In the thick of AMID
Interpreter of omens SEER
Is inconsistent VARIES
It has its setting GEM
Japanese 'soft art' (max opening score of 92 points) JUJITSU
Key of a Bach 'Bourrée' EMINOR
Light wind? OBOE
Lumber along PLOD
M.Y.O.B. part YOUR
Magnify an online map ZOOMIN
Mini-metro TOWN
Mixed bag OLIO
Napkin's place LAP
Newport Beach isle LIDO
Norm: Abbr STD
On the observation deck, say UPTOP
One-named singer who married Heidi Klum SEAL
Part of a fashion ensemble, maybe VEST
Partner in crime COHORT
Plot-listing datum AREA
Pompom's place TAM
Prefix with Freudian NEO
Quark's place ATOM
Ran off, in a way (max opening score of 94 points) XEROXED
Scarlett's suitor RHETT
Setting of Kubla Khan's palace XANADU
Sewing kit item SPOOL
Smart-alecky PERT
Some brews ALES
Some gobblers TOMS
Some hotel lobbies ATRIA
Sounds of censure (max opening score of 80 points) TSKTSKS
Steinbeck family JOADS
Stops for a breather TAKESTEN
Sweet filling, in product names KREME
Tiny bits IOTAS
Totally inept sorts (max opening score of 104 points) SPAZZES
Volkswagen model since 1979 JETTA
What snobs put on AIRS
What you'd need to play 26-, 29-, 43- or 45-Across BLANKTILE
Where to hear 'Bravo!' and 'Brava!' OPERA
While away SPEND
Without ___ (riskily) ANET
Wonderland cake message EATME
Wounded Knee tribe SIOUX
___ vez (again: Sp.) OTRA
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