How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 14 1998

'Amadeus' role SALIERI
'Bewitched' husband DARRIN
'Capital!' NEAT
'Gotcha!' HAH
'I'd hate to break up ___' ASET
'Is that all right?' OKAY
'Jaws' sighting FIN
'No ___ allowed' PETS
'The Conqueror Worm' poet POE
1956 Allen Ginsberg poem HOWL
1997 Peter Fonda title role ULEE
ACTH or thyroxine HORMONE
Actress McClurg EDIE
Associate of Zhou MAO
Astronaut Slayton DEKE
Author Bombeck ERMA
Black to the max INKIEST
Bran accompanier RAISIN
Breakfaster's favorite drama? OMELETPRINCEOFDENMARK
Breakfaster's maids? HOUSEKIPPERS
Breakfaster's personal credo? IHAMWHATIHAM
Breakfaster's query? WHATDIDJUICESAY
Breakfaster's sad comment? OHHOWWAFFLE
Breakfaster's U.N. guest? COFFEEANNAN
Bright-colored blooms DAHLIAS
Cap initials at Busch Stadium STL
Capital city spelled with an umlaut TIRANE
Cause of a non sequitur LEAP
Cedar ___ (lumber source) ELM
Church part APSE
Comics debut of 1941 ARCHIE
Confront FACE
Crime mystery writer Paretsky SARA
Cross, of a sort MEDAL
Dadaist Jean ARP
Discredit TAINT
Dodger name of fame LASORDA
Dolt OAF
Dry as a bone ARID
E. coli, for one: Abbr. BACT
Ear part CANAL
Easy mark SAP
Enlarge DILATE
Eric Rohmer's '___ of Winter' ATALE
Escape artist ELUDER
Feeding tube? STRAW
Female name suffix INE
Fielding brother ALOU
First name in jeans LEVI
Flow stoppage STASIS
Fluency EASE
Formerly named NEE
Giggle TEHEE
Golden-___ AGER
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE.
Hand, informally PAW
Have a loan from OWETO
Have breakfast, e.g., in Germany ESSEN
Heads toward MAKESFOR
Holiday driver, in a phrase BUSMAN
How a breakfaster views himself? EGGSISTENTIALLY
How tuna may be packed INOIL
Illustrator Silverstein SHEL
Is in peak singing condition? YODELS
Isle of Man man GAEL
It didn't keep Little Boy Blue awake BAAING
It finds itself in hot water TEABAG
It may be involved in a draft ALE
It may be polished RICE
It might halt traffic on the Rhein EIS
It releases a dangerous spray UZI
Kind of chops VEAL
Kind of linebacker MIDDLE
L'eau lands? ILES
Lash out at ASSAIL
Legally BYLAW
Like some chairs CANED
Like some traffic THRU
Lo-cal LITE
Loose, in a manner of speaking LEWD
Many a worker ANT
March music maker SOUSA
Marked by drinking WET
Mashed dish YAMS
Meg's 'Prelude to a Kiss' co-star ALEC
Mouthed but not spoken APHONIC
Nasty ACID
No longer shrink-wrapped OPENED
Observation ESPIAL
One in the can INMATE
One way to run SCARED
Opposed AVERSE
Oscar winner Edmund of 'Miracle on 34th Street' GWENN
Paris school LYCEE
Part of the eye UVEA
Pick up GET
Place beside APPOSE
Plain Jane EYRE
Prefix with transmitter NEURO
Registered, with 'up' RANG
Remove all restrictions on UNFREEZE
Renaissance art patron ESTE
Resort souvenir TEE
Roasters OVENS
Run a charity, e.g. DOGOOD
Runners LEGS
Salt of element #53 IODATE
Screendom's Laura and Bruce DERNS
Scrumptious YUMMY
Second of a historical trio PINTA
Second-rate film BMOVIE
Select or elect ELITE
Sharp-pointed instrument STYLET
Socks pattern ARGYLE
Sondheim song 'We're ___ Be All Right' GONNA
Spirit PEP
Start with pad or port HELI
Surprise challenger UPSTART
Swab again REMOP
Swellhead EGOTIST
The L of L-dopa LEVO
Violinist Heifetz JASCHA
Waiters' reaction after breakfast was over? THEYNEVERSAUSAGEAMESS
Waters and Mertz ETHELS
Wear off ABRADE
Wear well LAST
Whispered call PSST
Will be, to Doris Day SERA
Williams and Kennedy TEDS
Wrong end? DOER
___ et ubique (here and everywhere) HIC
___ Forest (W.W. I battle site) ARGONNE
___ Kippur YOM
___ Ski Valley, N.M. TAOS
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