How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 13 2019

'Dumb, dumb, dumb!' doh
'Git!' shoo
'Mamma Mia!' group abba
'Quién ___?' ('Who knows?': Sp.) sabe
'The Jungle Book' protagonist mowgli
*Needlepoint, e.g iwork
*Plumber/carpenter types ymen
*Sets the odds for icaps
*Submitted edin
Accent stress
Advantage ... or what the answer to each starred clue has? upperhand
Art house theater cine
Big carrier to Tokyo ana
Big hit smash
Big shots at a hospital, informally? hypos
Cause for damage control badpr
Close to 10, say sexy
Closed violently banged
Commotion ado
Con anti
Concern for a plumber or government official leak
Concern for shipping and software companies piracy
Country that lost a quarter of its territory in 2011 sudan
Dweller on the Arabian Peninsula yemeni
East African native masai
Ending with kick or smart ass
Give a catlike warning hissat
Gives the boot cans
Goes poof! vanishes
Good name for a beachcomber? sandy
Greet someone, informally sayhi
Gryffindor who founded Gryffindor House at Hogwarts godric
Hoover, e.g., for short vac
Info on a highway billboard exit
Input in a desalination plant seawater
Jules or Juliette nom
Kind of brief in court amicus
Layer of an Italian muffuletta sandwich salami
Letters after Chuck Schumer or Kirsten Gillibrand dny
Lights up? chandelier
Line of symmetry axis
Michael ___, onetime Republican Party chairman steele
Name on a Cognac bottle remy
One whose guiding philosophy is 'What does it matter?' nihilist
Pablo ___, Nobel-winning poet neruda
Parker who was the first president of Facebook sean
Partner of older wiser
Preceder of the Three Kingdoms, in Chinese history handynasty
React to pyrotechnics, say oohandaah
Regional life biota
Rehab woes, for short dts
Round windows oculi
Set-to spat
Shoot down nix
Shortly inabit
Showing humility, say bowed
Singers do it sew
Slammer pen
Snake that's good with numbers? adder
Soccer star Messi lionel
Stereotypical wear for an accountant eyeshade
Stopover inn
Superbright neon
Team with home games at SunTrust Park braves
Those niñas esas
Through via
Tickled glad
Title also held by many a co. president ceo
Welfare alms
Westinghouse rival edison
Where crime evidence is analyzed dnalab
Wine: Prefix oeno
Women's World Cup powerhouse usa
___ es Salaam dar
___ Sedgwick, 1960s 'It Girl' edie
___ Style Awards (annual honors since 1997) elle
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