How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 09 2009

'... ___ thousand times ...' NOA
'Sophie's Choice' author STYRON
*Big writing assignment TERMPAPER
*Defeats mentally OUTWITS
*Electric Slide, for one LINEDANCE
*Heels-over-head feat HANDSTAND
*Like a band-aid solution STOPGAP
*Movie starring a cross-dressing John Travolta HAIRSPRAY
*Nonbinding vote STRAWPOLL
*Very easy tasks CAKEWALKS
6 on a telephone MNO
Actress Farrow MIA
Alternative to first-class COACH
Andrews and Edwards, for two: Abbr. AFBS
Author Bagnold ENID
B'way booth in Times Square TKTS
Bit of shotgun shot PELLET
Blockhead DOLT
Breezes through ACES
Cagney's TV partner LACEY
Called to a lamb, say BAAED
Capitol feature DOME
Carillon sounds DONGS
Close watchers EYERS
Column crosser ROW
Cream of the crop ELITE
Curly cabbage KALE
Determined to achieve SETON
Dis and dis DESE
Driver's license feature PHOTO
Enjoyed Bazooka, e.g. CHEWED
Fine fiddle AMATI
Fit of pique SNIT
Flea market deal, perhaps RESALE
Golf's Slammin' Sammy SNEAD
Having a lot to lose? OBESE
Idyllic places EDENS
In base 8 OCTAL
In the thick of AMID
Instruments in military bands TUBAS
Introductory TV episode PILOT
Is on deck GOESNEXT
Japanese drama NOH
Lab container VIAL
Lendl of tennis IVAN
Like some committees ADHOC
Lone Star State sch. UTEP
Long-bodied lizard SKINK
Lowell and Tan AMYS
Lowly worker PEON
Most apts. have them NOS
New Jersey's ___ May CAPE
Not at rest INMOTION
Not e'en once NEER
Not grasping the material, say LOST
One getting one-on-one help TUTEE
One of the Yokums ABNER
Padre's boy NINO
Palm reader, e.g. SEER
Places to serve slop STIES
Publishers' hirees: Abbr. EDS
Rack purchases, briefly MAGS
River of Hades STYX
Siege site FORT
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Sound booster at a concert AMP
Step up from dial-up DSL
Strike caller UMP
Temperance supporters DRYS
The Everly Brothers' 'All I Have to ___ Dream' DOIS
Unable to retreat, as an animal ATBAY
Wall supports STUDS
Winter driving hazard SLEET
Wizard's stick WAND
Word that can precede the starts of the answers to the eight starred clues SHORT
Yuletide quaff NOG
Zoo barrier MOAT
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