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New York Times Jun 01 1997

'All ___' (1967 Temptations hit) INEED
'Far out!' AWESOME
'Show Boat' composer KERN
'Star Wars' planet ENDOR
'The ___ Sanction' (1970's thriller) EIGER
'Things' GEAR
'Three men in ___' ATUB
'___ Amigos' (1973 western) LOS
10th-century explorer ERIC
1917 revolutionaries REDS
1960's Maoists REDGUARDS
Actress Katharine et al. ROSSES
Actress Petty LORI
Anatomical prefix SACRO
Another funnies flier WOODROWWOODPECKER
Aphorisms SAWS
Available ONTAP
Award for Samuel Beckett OBIE
Balmoral, e.g. CAP
Barbecue pieces SPITS
Baseball's Duren and Sandberg RYNES
Based (in) ROOTED
Become tiresome WEAR
Big-eared funnies character MICHAELMOUSE
Big-eyed funnies character BARNABASGOOGLE
Breakfast place ALCOVE
Capital of Togo LOME
Carbon compound ENOL
Cause of jungle fever TSETSE
Check, in a way REREAD
Chest protector STERNUM
Chocolate ___ SYRUP
Classic Ferrari DINO
Club name since 1892 SIERRA
Collars NABS.
Colorful bird TANAGER
Come to mind OCCUR
Cookbook amt. TSP
Corral PEN
Coveted ENVIED
Cream serving DOLLOP
Date SEE
Dirty fighter BITER
Disney's '___ and the Detectives' EMIL
Do a double take RELOOK
Doughnutlike TORIC
Dunderheads MORONS
Emulate Romeo and Juliet ELOPE
Exceeded RANOVER
Features on some stationery LOGOS
Feeds a crowd CATERS
Flavors TANGS
Former service site NAM
French soul AME
Funnies fighter JOSEPHPALOOKA
Funnies flapper ELIZABETHBOOP
Funnies flier STEVENCANYON
Funnies gumshoe RICHARDTRACY
Funnies romantic WINIFREDWINKLE
Funnies victim CHARLESBROWN
Genetic stuff RNA
Got the gold WON
Grazing sites LEAS
H.S. subject ENG
Heroic poetry EPOS
Holes in the head SINUSES
In large supply GALORE
In ___ (beset by difficulties) AHOLE
Investigator PROBER
Inviting, as inspection OPENTO
It goes 'pssst!' AEROSOL
Johns LAVS
Knock down LAYLOW
Kurasawa film RAN
Lay to rest ENTOMB
Letter before ar KUE
Like a Carreras concert OPERATIC
Like a dime THIN
Like Seurat paintings DOTTED
Like some Christians REBORN
Like some computer encoding systems OCTAL
Like some keys MINOR
Like some vbs. IRR
Like some Western law JUDAIC
Like tea BREWED
Little one TOT
Loony bird NUT
Loud voice from the 'Iliad' STENTOR
Medicine man HEALER
Memo starter INRE
Midsummer ___ (June 23) EVE
More or less, informally SORTA
Mountain transport TBAR
Mucho LOTS
Natural INNATE
Nautical heading ALEE
New York Met tenor Alfredo KRAUS
Nickname in magazine publishing HEF
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Northern Amer. ESK
Old-time dagger SNEE
Ombrometers measure them RAINS
One of the 'virgins' of 'Two Virgins' ONO
Part of a drying-out period, maybe DTS
Pasted but good KOD
Peak of NE Greece MTOSSA
Penn name SEAN
Penn., e.g. AVE
People of the Sun AZTECS
Pilfers SWIPES
Pillar of heaven, to Pindar ETNA
Place to be picked up? NAPE
Places for drawings? WELLS
Positively planning INTENTON
Professor's prize TENURE
Proper words NOUNS
Raiding grp. DEA
Ring site EARLOBE
Ring sport SUMO
Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame architect PEI
Ruffle IRK
Science fiction magazine since 1930 ANALOG
Shade of purple LILAC
Shadowy places PENUMBRAE
Singer Billy Ray CYRUS
Some execs GOVS
Spoiled bunch BADLOT
Spoilers RUINERS
Sponsorship EGIS
Start of a how-to title THEART
State of agitation LATHER
Strike out DELE
Swimming great Diana NYAD
Talk of the town? PATOIS
Tell tales NARRATE
The Mustangs: Abbr. SMU
These might play into the wrong hands MISDEALS
They give you fits TAILORS
Tired of everything HADIT
Took steps ACTED
Tree protuberance KNUR
Two-time Wimbledon winner Gibson ALTHEA
University officials RECTORS
Untrustworthy types SNEAKS
W.W. II Japanese aircraft ZEROS
Way out EGRESS
Where Alice worked MELS
Word repeated in 'Elegy in a Country Churchyard' ALAS
Work on a tough stain, e.g. REWASH
Writer Akins and others ZOES
Writer's Market abbr. SASE
___ Lingus AER
___ of habit CREATURE
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