How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 29 2018

'Death of a Salesman' salesman loman
'On the Beach' novelist Nevil shute
'Sucks to be you' toobad
'Swiper, no swiping!' speaker of children's TV dora
'The Great' and 'The Terrible' epithets
'There's nothing else' thatsall
'This isn't very pleasant, but ...' onasadnote
'Who ___?' ami
Agenda starter itemone
Amorous play, in modern lingo sexytime
Antismoking spots, e.g psas
Aplenty galore
Apple devoured by an elderly relative? pomegranate
Arising croppingup
Blue alerts, in brief apbs
Bridle strap utilized only on sidewalk surfaces? reinforcement
Brilliant debut splash
Burdened (with) laden
Called named
Camper's light lantern
Car ad no apr
Carol Ann ___, U.K. poet laureate starting in 2009 duffy
Certain cleric vicar
Charybdis's counterpart, in Greek myth scylla
Cleveland Browns' defense, informally dawgs
Compound imparting a fruity smell ester
Crave, with 'for' jones
Crime against good taste travesty
Dance mentioned in Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' fandango
Diplomatic office below an embassy legation
Director Jonathan demme
Disney collectible cel
Dress frock
Egg-shaped item from a garden romatomato
First character in Genesis softg
Flaw, metaphorically wart
Foe of Frazier ali
Former supporter of seabirds? externally
Funny Fey tina
Gathering around a campfire? tales
Genetics initials rna
Having a crisp picture, say inhd
Hence ergo
Hitching spot altar
Hog's home pigpen
Informal expression of gratitude thanx
Intensifying word add-on ass
Iowa's state flower wildrose
It falls quietly snow
Italian designer menswear since the 1970s armanisuit
Item smashed by the original Luddites loom
Jewelry worn above the elbow armlet
Korean money won
Lead-in to phobia agora
Leave gratified sate
Lévesque of Quebec rene
Light tennis shot dink
Like a lot of zombie movies gory
Like kiddie rides among all amusement park rides tamest
Like people who take lifts british
Liqueur akin to sambuca anisette
Look for seek
Lookalike clone
Make an effort strive
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, with 'the' prairies
Meal with a set menu tabledhote
Metro ___ desk
Miss lass
Mom's mom nana
Move clumsily galumph
Must, informally gotta
Namesakes of Muhammad's daughter fatimas
Nasty wound gash
Non-shiny finishes mattes
Norwegian money krone
Nose aroma
Not fixed mutable
Not superficial inner
Ohio University team bobcats
One target of a childhood vaccine mumps
Oodles aton
Oven kiln
Part role
Pelvis-related iliac
Performer in a campus production, often dramamajor
Pharma watchdog fda
Place for a browser store
Play with use
Plucked instruments lutes
Pontius Pilate's province judea
Postgame shower? espn
Potential dinner prey
Prosecutor who's sympathetic to the defendants in a witch trial? propaganda
Pulled off did
Rating that's on the cusp of NC-17 hardr
Reminiscent of ala
Request to Triple A tow
Result of accidentally throwing a Frisbee into a campground? discontent
Result of wearing a fedora at the beach? manhattan
Romantically involved with seeing
Ruffian brute
Running start? readysetgo
School opening? pre
Serving during Prohibition nearbeer
Shoots out spews
Singer Morissette alanis
Snatcher's exclamation yoink
Some calls to the police complaints
Some winds for seafarers trades
Sound from a banshee wail
Sound of something rushing by woosh
Speedometers, typically dials
Spray the monarch to keep him cool? mistaking
Stable parents sires
Sticky stuff resin
Stuck-up person snoot
T. rex, e.g dino
T.S.A. agent's tool wand
Talks hoarsely rasps
The Big Board, briefly nyse
Thoro cleansing detox
Tied drew
Try to hit aimat
United with wedto
What a dog groomer might charge? perpetrate
What a line doesn't have area
What's brewing? ale
When Macbeth delivers the 'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow' soliloquy actv
Where the frontiersman Bowie died alamo
Winter coat rime
Without much confidence shyly
Yawn-inducing dull
___ California baja
___ card (wallet item) donor
___ Lavoisier a.k.a. the Father of Modern Chemistry antoine
___ Reza shrine (Iranian holy site) imam
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