How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 28 2012

'Are not!' elicitor AMSO
'Copper Canyon' and 'Coroner Creek' OATERS
'Les PĂȘcheurs de Perles' composer BIZET
100% pure LILYWHITE
1976 Hall & Oates hit SHESGONE
Actor Will of 'Up All Night' ARNETT
Actress Sobieski LEELEE
Aids for home parties WETBARS
Almost perfect, as a game ONEHIT
Appliance maker that produced the first microwave oven for household use TAPPAN
Bygone N.Y.S.E. ticker symbol ATT
Cadenzas, e.g SOLI
Capital of Iran's Fars province SHIRAZ
Certain seal SEACALF
Check within, say?: Abbr ENCL
Combed, as hair KEMPT
Dashing through the snow? IDITAROD
Defiant retort MAKEME
Discompose ABASH
Draw, in a way TOKE
Faithful practice MONOGAMY
Federal org. with compliance officers OSHA
Flight LAM
Fourth caliph in Sunni Islam ALI
Genre of Lauren Weisberger's 'The Devil Wears Prada' CHICKLIT
Geometry meas DIAM
Give lots of work ... or criticism PILEITON
How hair might fall out INCLUMPS
It's just over a foot SHIN
Jam (up) GUM
Journal keeper of fiction CRUSOE
Kind of drip POSTNASAL
Landmark also known as Kissavos MTOSSA
Like a game ending in double overtime, say HARDWON
Like Jesus on the Shroud of Turin, many believe IMAGED
Like many cookie jars CERAMIC
Listing agent's principal SELLER
Mustang option TTOP
Neaten (up) SPIFF
No longer serving: Abbr RET
O'Connor's successor ALITO
Olympics locale where the first figure-skating triple jump was landed OSLO
Part of a certain log STARDATE
Picture-hosting Web site PHOTOBUCKET
Put a cover on CEIL
Really listened TOOKHEED
Reference program launched in 2005 GOOGLEEARTH
Second-___ TIER
Sight along una calle CASA
So far ASYET
Spring's counterpart NEAP
Start of a big wave? TIDAL
Start to care? OBAMA
Straight ALIGNED
Sweetums DOLL
They may be empty in a vending machine CALORIES
They may be pint-size with big heads ALES
Thick FAT
Title box choice MRS
Top gun WARACE
Under control TAMED
Weight HEFT
___ esprit BEL
___ Knox, co-star of Lon Chaney in 'The Mummy's Tomb' ELYSE
___ Plus (pharmacy purchase) ATRA
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