How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 28 1997

'Ball!' callers UMPS
'Fourth base' HOME
'If I ___ the World' (pop hit) RULED
1996 Broadway hit RENT
Accounting principle, for short LIFO
Alternative to a convertible SEDAN
Area of corporate investment, briefly RANDD
Bath sponge: Var. LOOFA
Birchbark boat CANOE
Bogus butter OLEO
Boutique SHOP
Brain wave reading: Abbr. EEG
Brother of Cain ABEL
Bursts of wind GUSTS
Carbonated canful COLA
Chain of hills RIDGE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Comic strip witch BROOMHILDA
Days of long ago YORE
Defeat decisively MOPTHEFLOORWITH
Disputed Mideast strip GAZA
Dry, as a desert ARID
Entreat BEG
Feldman role in 'Young Frankenstein' IGOR
Flight of steps STAIR
From a distance AFAR
Gazillions SCADS
German industrial city ESSEN
Hair coloring DYE
Hair-raising SCARY
Illuminated from below UPLIT
Inclined (to) APT
Isn't on the street? AINT
Journalist Alexander SHANA
Kind of carpet SHAG
Land west of Britain EIRE
Last word of the golden rule YOU
Memorable periods ERAS
Mill in 1848 news SUTTERS
Movie units REELS
N.M. neighbor ARIZ
Next-to-last word of the golden rule UNTO
Northern diving bird AUK
On the peak of ATOP
One of Jacob's wives LEAH
Outrageousness ENORMITY
Phoenix fivesome SUNS
Plumb loco BATS
Popular watch brand OMEGA
Resume submitter APPLICANT
Run to the altar ELOPE
Sales slip: Abbr. RCPT
Scarlett's plantation TARA
Scolds ceaselessly NAGS
Sea eagles ERNES
Seal tightly, as a coffee can VACUUMPACK
Self-satisfied SMUG
Seth's son ENOS
Sine ___ non QUA
Sink or swim, e.g. VERB
Skin opening PORE
Slangy assents YEPS
Specialized police units SWATTEAMS
Square numbers? EXPONENTS
Tennis's Arthur ASHE
Tiny bit IOTA
Toothpaste type GEL
Towel inscription HIS
Track records? BETS
Traveling tramp HOBO
Tree with fan-shaped leaves PALMETTO
Unwelcome water on a ship BILGE
Vicinity AREA
Walked (on) TROD
___ Steamer (early auto) STANLEY
___ v. Wade (landmark decision) ROE
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