How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 26 2015

'Aargh!' DARNIT
'But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?,' e.g IAMBI
'Casablanca' escape route city ORAN
'Clair de Lune' composer DEBUSSY
'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman LEN
'Darn!' DRAT
'Friday the 13th' movies, e.g SLASHERS
'Heavens!' OHME
'Incidentally,' in a text BTW
'Ready for takeoff!' AOK
'Silas Marner' girl EPPIE
'The Lord of the Rings' creature ENT
'The Phantom Menace' in the 'Star Wars' series EPISODEI
'Yeah, whatever you say' IBET
'You have a point' TRUE
'___ who?' SAYS
1987 Michael Douglas/Glenn Close blockbuster FATALATTRACTION
50 or more people? AARP
Actress Suvari of 'American Beauty' MENA
Asian capital LHASA
Atlanta sch GSU
Avoidance maneuver DISAPPEARINGACT
Baseball's Buck ONEIL
Batting positions STANCES
Biblical spy CALEB
Blows it ERRS
Button material NACRE
Canadian N.H.L. team, on scoreboards OTT
Catch NAB
Caution for drivers on city streets PEDXING
Certain angels DONORS
Certain Arabian OMANI
Change places COINPURSES
Chemical ending ANE
Classic theater name ROXY
Comment that might start with 96-Across ASIDE
Conductor's resistance OHMAGE
Cry outside an airport TAXI
Damage to a wall made in hanging a picture NAIL
Dearie PET
Drinking songs? KARAOKE
Drug charge? COPAY
Ending with walk or run ONS
Fed, e.g.: Abbr AGT
Feminist of 1970s TV MAUDE
Fracking opening EROB
French play that inspired an Italian opera LATOSCA
From scratch AFRESH
Game with rings DARTS
Glacial ridges ARETES
Go after following a hung jury, say RETRY
Govt. health org CDC
Great Plains Indian ARAPAHO
Greens ___ FEE
Having more liabilities than assets INTHE
Heart test, for short EKG
Hollywood director Sam RAIMI
Hooey BUNK
Idiot ASS
Idol worship BAALISM
Idol worshiper? GROUPIE
It may be filled in with a No. 2 pencil ANS
Ivy League home NEWHAVEN
Jackie's Onassis ARI
Jordan's Queen ___ International Airport ALIA
Laugh syllable HEE
Lender's security LIEN
Like dough after baking RISEN
Like fine wine AGED
Long, in Lahaina LOA
Madeline of 'What's Up, Doc?' KAHN
Mark's replacement EURO
Maui or Bali: Abbr ISL
Mercedes-Benz competitor LEXUS
Milan's La ___ SCALA
Mimosa, for one ACACIA
Mork and Worf ETS
Mouth, slangily EIP
Multinational bank ING
Mythical monsters KRAKENS
Not keep up LAG
Nothing NIHIL
Novella that served as the basis for 'Apocalypse Now' HEARTOFDARKNESS
Nursery purchases SAPLINGS
Ogle EYE
Old Olds CIERA
Pair of figures in Raphael's 'Sistine Madonna' CHERUBIM
Palestinian political group FATAH
Panama part BRIM
Paris's ___-Coeur SACRE
Party on a beach LUAU
Petition PLEA
Place to set a trap MOUSE
Poet's planet ORB
Postpone TABLE
Priests, e.g CLERICS
Primitive kind of camera PIN
Put an end to ABOLISH
Quaint sign starter YEOLDE
Remove a piece from? UNARM
River with a 'dreadful shore,' in Shakespeare STYX
Rubber stamps YESMEN
Santa Claus player in a 2003 comedy EDASNER
Savory dish with a crust MEATPIE
Scenic drapery fabric TOILE
Secret spot YEDIH
Ship window TROP
Short lines at the checkout? UPCS
Sign up to receive email alerts, say OPTIN
Simple solution EASYFIX
Singer with the 1997 3x platinum single 'How Do I Live' LEANNRIMES
Ski area in the Wasatch Mountains ALTA
Small, dirty, uncomfortable room TAR
Soar above the sea, say PARASAIL
Some contents of a Masonic manual RITES
Some written rants HATEMAIL
Sound like a bird CHEEP
StubHub purchase: Abbr TKT
Tangle up ENMESH
Tax dodger's discovery LOOP
The middle of this puzzle's grid, symbolically KCALB
They line many ski runs PINES
Tightrope walker's concern CENTEROFGRAVITY
Tire hazard POT
To whom Dionne Warwick asked 'What's it all about?' in a 1967 hit ALFIE
Tour grp. since 1950 LPGA
Toy poodles, e.g LAPDOGS
Tree spirit DRYAD
Undeserved reputation BADRAP
Unlike wild horses SHOED
War ___ CRY
What L.A. is represented in twice NBA
Woman of Camelot ENID
___ contendere NOLO
___ Fein (Irish political group) SINN
___ of Abraham (place of comfort) BOSOM
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