How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 23 2001

'Death be not proud' writer DONNE
'Troilus and Cressida' setting TROY
'___ a Teen-Age Werewolf' IWAS
007 BOND
1994 Jodie Foster title role NELL
A Stooge MOE
Actor Guinness ALEC
Actress Dawber and others PAMS
Apple of temptation site EDEN
Ask for a hand? PROPOSE
Average PAR
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Big bore DRAG
Blueprint MAP
Blvds. and rds. RTES
Brunch dish with spinach EGGSFLORENTINE
Cameroon neighbor GABON
Certain NCO's SGTS
Certain retrievers, for short LABS
Charlemagne's domain HOLYROMANEMPIRE
Coffee, slangily JAVA
Davenport SOFA
Direct STEER
Disney studio MIRAMAX
Electron's place ATOM
Essentially amount (to) BOILDOWN
Explorer Hernando de ___ SOTO
Facility EASE
False fire? BLANKS
Fellow CHAP
Fighting ATWAR
First 007 flick DRNO
From ___ Z ATO
Geraint's love ENID
Gladden ELATE
Hammerin' Hank AARON
Hippocrates' H ETA
Hostels INNS
Hunter in the night sky ORION
Italian money LIRA
Khaki-like color BEIGE
Labor WORK
Learning by flashcards, e.g. ROTE
Loch ___ NESS
Maniacal CRAZED
Much of Eur. is in it NATO
Often ALOT
Old Ford LTD
One-named singer/model filmed by Andy Warhol NICO
Ox or fox ANIMAL
Paris newspaper, with 'Le' MONDE
Pepsin, e.g. ENZYME
Road curve ESS
Schedule SLATE
Score before 15 LOVE
Serb or Croat SLAV
Shakes up JARS
Side muscles, for short LATS
Small hindrance, as in plans CRIMP
Small-circulation publication for fans ZINE
Some dental records XRAYS
Taverns BARS
Teachers' org. NEA
They're hardly hip NERDS
Townshend of the Who PETE
Trophy rooms DENS
Walking stick CANE
Watergate scandal figure Chuck COLSON
Wild-eyed one ZEALOT
___ of itself INAND
___ riot (comedy review) LAFF
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