How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 22 2007

#2, informally VICE
'Even though we've never met, I'm sure your last name is Campbell. That's because ...' YOUREMMMMMMGOOD
'Excuse me, I seem to have lost my phone number — ...?' CANIHAVEYOURS
'I don't mean to pry, but are you from Nashville? Because ...' YOURETHEONLYTENISEE
'I know it's not my business, but if you were a laser ...' YOUDBESETONSTUNNING
'I wanna try!' LEMME
'Never gonna happen' UHUH
'Pardon me, are you from the Caribbean? Because ...' JAMAICANMECRAZY
'Piece' org. NRA
'Say, is it hot in here ...?' ORISITJUSTYOU
'Sorry to bother you, but do you work for NASA? Because ...' YOUREOUTOFTHISWORLD
'You must ___' OBEY
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
About 11% ONENINTH
Actor Cage, informally NIC
Afghan airline ARIANA
Amorist ROMEO
Any ship SHE
Application datum: Abbr. SSN
Baffle STUMP
Bag handler REDCAP
Band with the 1999 hit 'Summer Girls' LFO
Bathroom powder TALC
Better TOP
Big Ten sch. MSU
Bird: Prefix AVI
Bridgewater of jazz DEEDEE
British tax CESS
Catcher in the World Series' only perfect game BERRA
Catfish Row resident PORGY
CBS debut of 10/6/2000 CSI
Chop AXE
City that won the first N.F.L. championship, 1920 AKRONOHIO
Coarse SEAMY
Coastal bird ERN
Collins of '70s funk BOOTSY
Comic Kilborn and others CRAIGS
Compass dir. ENE
Concert halls ODEA
Conductor's aid SCORE
Creature of legend YETI
Daredevil's retort ICANSO
Den, often TVROOM
Did too much, in a way ODED
Dinosaur National Monument site COLORADO
Doesn't get bothered by SHRUGSOFF
Doesn't let go to waste USES
Doggie sounds ARFS
Dragster's ride HOTROD
Dummkopf ASS
Dweller in the Peterhof TSAR
Easy putt, say TWOFOOTER
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
Évian, e.g. EAU
Filmdom's Jean-___ Godard LUC
First name in aviation AMELIA
Free throw's path ARC
From Jan. 1 till now YTD
Ginger's friend on 'Gilligan's Island' MARYANN
Glandular prefix ADRENO
Go postal SNAP
Good deal LOT
Goya subject MAJA
Guaranteeing ENSURING
H.S. course ECON
Help wanted abbr. EOE
Hemingway's '___ Time' INOUR
Henry James's 'The Portrait of ___' ALADY
Hero's place DELI
Hip-shaking dance CHACHA
Home of Roosevelt I. NYC
Humorist George ADE
IBM competitor NEC
Inched CREPT
Indian bread NAAN
Instruction for casual dress NOTIE
It gets a licking POPSICLE
Jan. and Feb. MOS
Japanese who won the 1974 Nobel Peace Prize SATO
Key of Bruckner's Symphony No. 7: Abbr. EMAJ
Key over Control SHIFT
Knee-slapper HOOT
Lash of Westerns LARUE
Lemonade + ___ = Arnold Palmer ICETEA
Letter-ending abbr. ENC
Lie on the beach ROAST
Like marshes REEDY
Like talkers at a movie SHUSHED
Look (around) NOSE
Loser to R.M.N. in '68 HHH
Make better AMEND
Middle mark CEE
Mole, e.g. SPY
Montreal daily GAZETTE
N.B.A. coach George ___ KARL
Nobelist, e.g. LAUREATE
NPR's ___ Simon SCOTT
One voting for YEA
One ___ (kids' game) OCAT
Ones 'over there' GIS
Orders to plow horses HAWS
Orioles' org. MLB
Peres's predecessor RABIN
Plus more: Abbr. ETC
Prefix with dot MICRO
Prefix with pad HELI
Pres. Jefferson THOS
Press IRON
Publisher of All Hands magazine: Abbr. USN
Radar reading: Abbr. MPH
Raymond's wife on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' DEBRA
Recipient of the first gold single awarded by the R.I.A.A. PERRYCOMO
Rich with humor LITTLE
Scottish refusals NAES
Serve well BEHOOVE
Sgt. maj., e.g. NCO
Slugger Mel et al. OTTS
So-called 'miracle plant' ALOEVERA
Son of Cain ENOCH
Spanish pronoun ESTA
Starchy food YAM
Suicide squeeze result, for short RBI
The A's, on scoreboards OAK
Title teen in a 1990s sitcom MOESHA
Two-time losing Republican presidential candidate DEWEY
Victim of Bart Simpson's prank calls MOE
Well-put APT
When Can. has Thanksgiving OCT
Woman of la maison: Abbr. MME
Yucatán yeses SIS
___ des Beaux-Arts ECOLE
___ Hall REC
___ mind OFA
___-poly ROLY
___-string SIX
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