How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 22 1999

'Holy smokes!' GOLLY
'I can resist everything except temptation' wit WILDE
'Two-Faced Woman' star, 1941 GARBO
'With ___ in My Heart' ASONG
'Yours truly' and others CLOSES
Airport abbr. ETA
Architect Saarinen EERO
Arthur Godfrey played it UKULELE
Barely get, with 'out' EKE
Ben Cartwright, e.g. NEVADAN
Chorus cries AMENS
Detective sort FERRET
Edgar Lee Masters's '___ Rutledge' ANNE
Electrical insulation material EBONITE
Ely of Tarzan fame RON
Ex-orphan ADOPTEE
Eyebrow darkeners PENCILS
Film stock ACETATE
French-born Met diva PONS
Furnace fodder COAL
Hump-shouldered beasts GNUS
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
It sometimes needs boosting MORALE
It's taken during 42-Across WEDDINGOATH
Knit, in a way HEAL
Ladies called her 'the Fair' ENID
Ladies of Spain SENORAS
Land in l'océan ILE
Last empress of Brazil THERESA
Laundry detergent brand ERA
Lazybones's catchword MANANA
Life's blueprint DNA
Like cats, once HEP
Like some thunderstorms SEVERE
Literary monogram RLS
Little wood COPSE
Marriage-day centerpiece THECEREMONY
Media monitor, for short FCC
Middle figure MEAN
Minstrel's offering CANTO
Non-Polynesian HAOLE
Oahu-to-Maui dir. ESE
Old cagers' org. ABA
Passenger status STANDBY
Pocket change for 39-Down PESETAS
Poked holes in, say AERATED
Pursuers of goals ICEMEN
Reception, e.g. CELEBRATION
Roller derby equipment PADS
Ruins 007's martini STIRS
Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography YESICAN
Scout leader, maybe DAD
Seat of Jackson County, Tex. EDNA
Secret doctrine CABALA
Send back REMAND
Staying power? INERTIA
Symbol of commitment DIAMONDRING
Tease mercilessly RIDE
Tennis call LET
Toscanini's birthplace PARMA
Type size PICA
Unlikely candidate for prom king NERD
Watchdog org. SPCA
Young 'uns TADS
___ de Mayo CINCO
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