How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 21 2018

'Ooh-la-la!' sexy
20 lashes, maybe? cilia
AARP base oldergeneration
Add to the bill, perhaps amend
Ancient land located in what is now southwest Iran elam
Angels darlings
Bamboozled had
Big name in air fresheners glade
Big name in casualwear lacoste
Blood-typing abbr neg
Break hiatus
Cause of some flashbacks, for short lsd
Characterizes describes
Cherry or raspberry red
Classic Jaguar xke
Come to know learn
Common perfume oil neroli
De ___ (excessive) trop
Does another walk-through of something goesoveritagain
Enjoyed a traditional family dinner atein
Factors in some work reviews peerassessments
Fit the bill suitedonesneeds
French waves ondes
Good name for a model? kit
Inflames ires
Informal agreement yep
International group whose leaders meet once a year gseven
It can cover a lot of ground sod
Large storage units terabytes
Like most Iranians shiite
Line for a show in New York? rockettes
Low-end smoke stogy
Marsh bird sora
Meriting more Pinocchios falser
Musician Brian eno
No-goodniks stinkers
Not just laugh roar
Noted Obama portrayer peele
One-eyed god odin
Parisian pronoun lui
Performers taking bows onstage? stringorchestra
Picked individually orderedalacarte
Pioneering infomercial company ktel
Plus also
Pose ask
Put behind bars encage
Road divider fork
Rough piece of land? divot
Saw around a locker room? theresnoiinteam
Shogunate capital edo
Sign of the times? dot
Something tanned at a tanning salon, informally bod
Spasm throe
Speaks honestly and forthrightly tellsitlikeitis
Sports org. since 1916 pga
Start of the name of many a French band les
State couple: Abbr sens
They may be bummed cigs
Time to buy back-to-school supplies: Abbr aug
Try again, with a bounced check redeposit
Unaccompanied alone
Unaccompanied stag
What gears in a gear assembly have ratio
What keeps you going when everything seems lost reasontobelieve
___ rating system (chess standard) elo
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