How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 20 2014

'Shaddup!' SITONIT
'Undo' mark STET
'___ deal?' ISITA
'___ Enchanted' ELLA
*Great in number LION
*Newton subject GRAVY
*Not rough GENE
*Old West robber BAIT
*Piddling TRIAL
*Royal messenger HERD
*Turn, as a wheel ROTE
*Upbraids REBUS
*Words of praise PAN
41-Down's room SALA
701, once DCCI
Abbr. in some city names HGTS
Actor Dullea KEIR
Appeared in print RAN
Asparagus unit SPEAKER
Babble on PRIVATE
Be too fearful to DARENOT
Beast of burden BURRITO
Bird: Prefix AVI
Bishop's domain SEE
Bit of sweat BEAD
Bone: Prefix OSTE
Bother PEST
Box office GATE
Brother's title FRA
Burger go-with FRIENDS
Card combinations MELDS
Caroled SANG
Cartoon dog ASTRO
Cathedral area NAVE
Chanteuse Eartha KITT
Checks at the door, say IDS
Choice cut FILET
Classic fantasy game co TSR
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Close overlap of fugue voices STRETTO
Collection SET
Cologne conjunction UND
Convenience store sights ATMS
Cowboys' activity ROUNDUP
Cpl.'s inferior PFC
Detailed plans SPECS
Don of 'The Andy Griffith Show' KNOTTS
Eagle's org BSA
Edible plant extract PALMOIL
Election night data RETURNS
Email, say WRITETO
Facility for small planes AIRPARK
Fictional estate TARA
Field team OXEN
Football team ELEVEN
Formed from a mold DIECAST
Former Nebraska senator James EXON
Former transportation secretary Norman MINETA
French fine AMENDE
Get rid of SHED
Glad-handing sort POL
Greedy sort PIG
Half sister of Ares ATHENA
Hides away STASHES
In the mood UPTOIT
Indigenous NEGATIVE
Informal turndown NAH
Is on the brink TEETERS
Italian dish that needs much stirring RISOTTO
K.C.-to-Detroit dir ENE
Kitten sounds MEWS
Large-scale evacuation EXODUS
Latin 'was to be' ERAT
Latin 'you love' AMAS
Legitimate REAL
Like the cry 'Veni, vidi, vici' CAESAREAN
Locks up again RECHAINS
Long March participant MAOIST
Low number ONE
Low numero TRE
Many ski lodges AFRAMES
Mex. miss SRTA
Mideast currency RIAL
Most hip COOLEST
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Dawson LEN
Neither blue nor red?: Abbr IND
Nickname for José PEPE
Nobel-winning writer Andric IVO
Not just slow GLACIAL
Not ___ (none) ALICK
Old West transport STAGE
One of eight Eng. kings EDW
One of the Windward Islands STLUCIA
Openly defy FALLOUT
Overseas prince EMIR
P.D. alert APB
Painterish ARTY
Pay to play ANTE
Peevish state SNIT
Plain to see OVEREAT
Poke fun at RIB
Prankster IMP
Prix ___ FIXE
Raised transports ELS
Reach, eventually ENDUPAT
Saucier's boss CHEF
Say sweet words COO
Sci-fi's Hubbard LRON
She rules EMPRESS
Shortening in recipes? TSPS
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Slow, hard progress SLOG
Slushy drink ICEE
Soccer blooper OWNGOAL
Some dresses MIDIS
Spanish 'that' ESA
State with the motto 'Oro y plata' MONTANA
Stay-at-home workers? UMPIRES
Stepped in for SPELLED
Sticky stuff TAR
Stir up AROUSE
Strangle GAROTTE
Swaddles, e.g ENWRAPS
Tenor from Naples CARUSO
Terrible DIRE
Theater supporters PATRONS
Thingamajig DOODAD
Three-ingredient treats SMORES
Tony-winning musical with the song 'Find Your Grail' SPAMALOT
Tot-watched BABYSAT
Trickster of American Indian mythology RAVEN
Two-channel STEREO
Unchanged SAME
Underhanded SLY
Use a straw SUCK
Used tire RETREAD
W.W. II craft LST
Windy City paper, with 'the' TRIB
Wise men THEMAGI
Witch HAG
World capital where Monopoly is banned HAVANA
Yolk surrounder WHITTLE
Young seal PUP
___ menu EDIT
___ Plus ATRA
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